[VIDEO] Eminem & Sacha Baron Cohen Get Uncomfortably Close at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

Did this really happen … or was it a staged publicity stunt? That is the question running through everyone’s minds after watching British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, acting as “Bruno,” one of his many characters/alter ego’s, descend from the sky and land his ass (literally) in rapper Eminem‘s face last night during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, which aired live.

Real or fake, the look on dude’s face coupled with him yelling “are you f**king serious?” was the highlight of the entire night! Not to mention the crowd’s eruption of laughter and members of Eminem’s beefy entourage roughing up “Bruno,” the gay Austrian fashion reporter, in an effort to get his semi-naked ass cheeks out of Em’s face.

Needless to say, Eminem and his posse did NOT get the joke and left the show on the spot. We wonder how this would have went down if this little “incident” had happened BEFORE Em’s performance.

Funny sh*t!

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