T.I.'s guns

It has been confirmed that Corey Williams has been given the same sentence (via a very nice plea deal) as his former boss T.I. A judge sentenced the former bodyguard/informant to one year and a day behind bars in a federal prison for his role in T.I.’s recent weapons scandal.

In court records, Williams revealed that he started working for T.I. in July 2007. Soon after, Williams’ previously clean record allowed him to purchase weapons for T.I., who is barred from obtaining any due to his previous criminal convictions. The arrangement was discovered by ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) authorities when Williams attempted to purchase a machine gun without registering the weapon, which is required by federal law.

Upon his arrest, Williams agreed to wear a wire during face-to-face meetings with T.I., which led to the rapper’s arrest on felony weapons charges. Although no charges were filed, Williams also implicated T.I. protégé Alfamega in the conspiracy.


Now THAT’S what you call a snitch! SMH…

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