Gucci ManeSo the Gucci Mane show went down as planned, despite rumors of him landing himself back in prison. According to our exclusive sources, Gucci went on stage at the Greenville Civic Center at approximately 1:30 AM and within an hour, the floor was cleared out and bottles were everywhere. He didn’t even get to finish performing “Traphouse” SMH…

“Like 30 n*ggas started fighting! The floor just cleared out … bottles were everywhere and security snatched some dudes up. I feel bad for whoever got cut though, and they could’ve let Gucci finish “Traphouse!”

Needless to say, somebody got hurt (apparently, they got cut) and the concert ended earlier than planned leaving people pretty heated. Too bad negroids don’t know how to act in a public setting. When Gucci Mane comes on, people just lose it and they’re ready to fight. And any and every one who looks at them wrong gets hit. So imagine him being live on stage. Needless to say, he won’t be rolling back through Greenville any time soon.

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