T.I. Covers April 2009 VIBE MagazineIn the latest issue of VIBE Magazine, which features rapper T.I. on the cover, U.S. Attorney David Nahmias reveals how T.I. got his extremely generous prison sentence.

“His guilt was never seriously questioned in our mind,” U.S. Attorney David Nahmias told Vibe of how the rapper was sentenced. “We often give significant sentence reductions to people who cooperate in a more traditional way by providing information about other criminals. What [the defense] proposed, and what I ultimately thought was reasonable, is that Mr. Harris has the ability to reach thousands, probably tens of thousands of people, particularly at-risk young people. And that out of the tens of thousands of people he could reach, he has the real possibility of getting at least a few of them not to commit the kinds of crimes we would prosecute.”

T.I. received a deferred jail sentence of one year and one day followed by three years supervised release, plus 1,500 hours of community service and a $ 100,000 fine. Home confinement was also part of the deal, as well as completing 1,000 of the community-service hours before his jail time. According to Tip’s recording home, Atlantic Records, he’s well on his way to completing the hours.

T.I.’s probation officer, Billy Marlow, acknowledged the rapper’s work completing his plea requirements. “I think he’s definitely learned from his mistake,” he said.


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