T.I. // Blender Magazine - March 2009 T.I. and his son Major // Blender Magazine - March 2009

T.I. and little Major, the latest addition to his clan of children, share the limelight in the March 2009 issue of Blender Magazine. In the issue, the rapper, who faces a year and a day behind bars beginning this March, says what he plans on doing with his time.

“You stay to yourself as much as possible,” he says. “Speak when spoken to. And just mind your business. You ain’t there to make friends. You ain’t there to join in on the jailhouse games. You just there to do your time and go home.”

So how will he get through each day?

“Well, that depends on the facility. Some luxuries are available in some facilities that aren’t available in others. Some facilities have a TV, but you can’t watch it ’cause cats in there wild out so much. I’ll read the Bible a lot. Biographies, magazines. I don’t really read fiction. I read for information, rather than for entertainment. I’ll talk on the phone a lot. I’ll spend a whole day on the phone, checkin’ on what’s goin’ on, makin’ sure things are taken care of. Ain’t a lot to do.”

He says his fame won’t really make much of a difference: “People are in awe at times about who I am. I can’t believe I’m in here with T.I., but that usually goes away in about three, four days. After so long, everybody just inmates.”

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T.I. // Blender Magazine - March 2009 T.I. // Blender Magazine - March 2009 T.I. // Blender Magazine - March 2009

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