Rihanna and Chris Brown

UPDATE (1:30 PM): TMZ retracted their statement with a correction stating that there was no weapon involved in the alleged attack.

The police report cites Penal Code Section 245 — Assault with a Deadly Weapon. However, we’re told there was no weapon involved. We had been hearing there was an umbrella in the car — which would have been the most ironic thing ever — but again… no weapon is alleged. By the way, a persons foot or other body part can be considered a deadly weapon depending on the circumstances. One law enforcement source who has been dead-on so far claims Rihanna suffered contusions and bite marks.


So not only did Chris Brown hit Rihanna, but we’re hearing that a weapon was involved. WTF is going on??

TMZ has confirmed Rihanna is the named alleged victim in the Chris Brown case and the allegation is that she was assaulted with a deadly weapon. Law enforcement sources tell us the crime report calls the incident assault with a deadly weapon — we do not yet know the nature of the weapon. The crime report gives the victim’s name as Robyn Fenty — that’s Rihanna’s real name.


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