I’ll keep this simple. This album is outrageously hot and it’s probably the best Ludacris album since Word of Mouf. When folks consider the best MCs, Ludacris usually isn’t in the mix, but Chris Bridges has been one of the most prolific and consistent rappers of our era and deserves to be on the tip of tongues. He over-reaches thematically on this disc, as he conceives it as a cinematic piece with dramatic production on some tracks.


Southern Gangsta,” and narration from film stars Ving Rhames and Chris Rock on the hilariously titled and executed “Everybody Hates Chris,” with a chorus that will be a raucous live-set piece.  Even Spike Lee appears to show he got game. All of this would be distracting if the 14 tracks weren’t so damn good. Luda’s lyrics are so sharp and supremely witty throughout. No one provides more quotable lines and pungent punch lines. His sex talk is good-natured and slyly insightful about love, especially with “What Them Girls Like,” but he will always have love for the freak (“Nasty Girl“) with his best unprintable metaphors.


Many of the guests just pick up paychecks, but some – including Lil Wayne and Common – come up in big ways. Many of the things Luda says in “I Do It for Hip-Hop,” a collaboration with Nas and Jay-Z, despite his smirking persona, are totally believable.


Overall, the album is hardcore, hilarious, and serious. It’s perhaps the best album he’s released thus far.  The features only increase the heat to the project. Personal favorite is with T-Pain. LOL! GO COP THIS ALBUM – PURCHASE, PURCHASE, PURCHASE!!!!

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