Brandy will release her fifth studio album, “Human,” on Tuesday, December 9th 2008. This is her first project on her new home label Epic Records. The “Afrodisiac” singer left Atlantic Records back in 2005. After all the drama that occurred in her personal life in recent years, Brandy wants us to know that she is just ‘human.’ The album has critics on edge waiting days before the release to critique audiences of Brandy’s revival.


Brandy opens up the album with a self expression moment.  So, what is being human all about?  Brandy stated,  “Having the freedom to be yourself.”  Clearly, she’s making sure this album is an emotional journey.  The track instantly slams. “The Definition” sets the tone about self-discovery and inspiring yourself.   Instantly, your going to lose yourself within the music as the song makes the transition to “Warm It Up (With Love).”  The track lacks but for some reason it’s still so potent.


Tracks that are just amazing on the album are the following: “Camouflage,”  “Human,”  “Shattered Heart,” “Torn Down,” “True,” “Fall,” and everyones personal favorite “A Capella.”  Everyone’s personal favorite, “A Capella,” she delivers her sultry and amazing ad libs that everyone loves.  Nobody does ad libs like Brandy.  This album in its totality is the epitome of a solid project.  This is the album Beyonce attempted to achieve with “I Am,” part of her deluxe suite album, but failed to deliver.


Overall, the album is a beautiful collection of songs that take you through an emotional, spiritual, and evolutionary process as a whole human being. This album is a great re-introduction for Brandy, however,  it’s not quite enough to bring her back blazing on the charts. Yet, it still doesn’t stop the fact that this album is beautifully constructed.  That’s more than enough of a reason for her to be proud of herself. Well done, Brandy.

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