Rapper T.I. testified in court Friday in Cincinnati, Ohio in Hosea Thomas’ murder trial. The man allegedly shot and killed the Atlanta rapper’s childhood friend and assistant, Philant Johnson, two years ago. The self-proclaimed “King of Atlanta” sat on the witness stand for approximately 40 minutes at Judge Ralph E. Winkler’s courtroom on the third floor of the Hamilton County Courthouse, explaining what went on the night of the May 2006 incident and denying allegations that he started the incident by “making it rain” at a Cincinnati club.

Though there were reports that the incident may have been sparked by hurt feelings from some local rappers when T.I. showered the crowd with money during Joc’s performance, T.I. denied that he tossed bills at the Ritz. “You see, you make it rain in strip clubs around beautiful women taking their clothes off, not in packed holes in the walls,” he said. “You don’t throw money in there. That’s not part of the celebration.”

At some point, T.I. described an altercation that broke out at the club when someone tried to get into the VIP section and began getting “irate” and “ornery” with venue security. The scuffle caught the attention of T.I.’s entourage, and as the heated discussion turned into a brawl involving 15-20 patrons, he said he tried to make sure his group was together as they made their way to the door.


Check out a video of T.I. on the witness stand above.

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