Columbia Record’s leading superstar Beyonce (or Sasha Fierce) is days away from releasing, I Am…Sasha Fierce. The album is slated to be a double disk album with plenty of ballads and get busy tracks. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and listen to the whole album. I’m still in disbelief that she gave, “Sasha,” a last name. It takes away from the aura of “Sasha,” being a diva. The cliche part is that “Fierce,” is an obvious outreach to her homosexual fanbase. Nonetheless, Beyonce brought just enough to keep her fans at peace with this project. When reviewing this album you must remember Beyonce stated, “I’ve recorded over 100 tracks for this project.” So, clearly this review is going to be critical.

LISTEN: Beyonce – Halo

DISC ONE: Beyonce opens up the project with, “If I were a Boy,” The track itself is an attempt to be critical on gender roles within relationships. Originally, when I heard the song, I wasn’t quite sure if I saw potentional within the song. However, the video brought this track to life. “Halo,” “Disappear,” and “Ave Marie.” are the ballads that stood out to me. And, I’ll be waiting for the, “Ave Marie,” video.

LISTEN: Beyonce – DIVA

DISC TWO: Beyonce opens up the second disc with, “Single Ladies,” which in my opinion sounds like a B’Day throw away. But, we’ll just pretend that Beyonce really did record 100 tracks. Simplicity really worked well for this video and it makes the song that much more potent. “Radio,” follows and I’m not quite sure about this track. In fact, I’ll just call it how I see it. This track is such a filler. “Diva,” has been referenced as the female version of, “A Millie,” and all I know is my friend went crazy when she listened to this track. So, Beyonce can definitely see this song as a huge single. “Sweet Dreams,” has been on the net for ages now but, it leaked as, “Beautiful Nightmare,” and I LOVE THIS SONG!!! The beat is very thriller-ish and I want her to make an extremely dark video for this song. “Video Phone,” was cool.

LISTEN: Beyonce – Sweet Dreams

OVERALL, the album was kind of a bland disappointment. The problem is that I expected so much from this beautiful, talented, and savvy young lady. Beyonce’s voice is magic to my ears but the issues I have with her is her material. Beyonce has the potentional and voice to at least put out one timeless album. She’s an amazing performer and has one of the best voices of our generation. But, does she want to be known for releasing mediocre music? The ballads were nice but nothing about them registered as classic. I definitely think the album is enjoyable and everyone should be able to take something from it, which is what I stated, from the jump Beyonce gave her fans just enough.

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