Rumors have began to spread regarding rapper Yung Joc‘s child support payments. Joc cleared up the allegations live on the radio via Atlanta’s popular V-103 station this past Monday (Aug. 18th) stating that he was, in fact, up-to-date with child support payments to his baby mama, Fatimah Jester. But a problem recently arose which caused a temporary delay with the payments, so basically homegirl made a big deal about the situation not considering the fact that what was going on wasn’t Joc’s fault.

“I never missed a payment,” Joc said during the radio interview. “I don’t pay it directly to her; I pay it through [the Georgia Department of Resources Office of Child Support Services]. My banker wires the funds to DHR; they wire the funds right to her account. However long that takes, she needs to discuss that with them, and not put me out there bad like that.”

In addition to filing a lawsuit for back child support payments of $2,000, which is basically one month of missed payments, Fatimah put out that the rapper doesn’t keep in touch with her and doesn’t spend time with his 7-year-old son Amoni. But Joc cleared that up too, saying the complete opposite.

“They brought up all the charges I been through, but they never brought up the fact that since I been on I’ve contributed over half a million to charities and I do charitable work every week,” Joc explained. “You got cats out here that don’t even be with their kids. And it hurts even more because I am a black man … you born into this world as a black man, your back’s against the wall. So I’m trying to do everything I can to go against the odds.”

Me thinks homegirl just wanted a little publicity. One month of missed payments is hardly enough to file a lawsuit. Maybe two or three, but one? C’mon now! Lol. It’s dudes out there that owe hundreds of thousands, even millions, in child support. And she’s crying over $2,000. SMH.

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