(PHOTO: WIREIMAGE) A federal appeals court threw out the fine of $550,000 “indecency” fine to CBS for the 2004 halftime show at the Superbowl. As we all know and the rest of America, Janet Jackson performed then Justin Timberlake came out and at the end of the set Justin reached and grabbed for Janet’s costume and ripped apart of the wardrobe and exposing Janet’s breast. The reason that the courts decided not to fine because they felt that the FCC jumped so hard into trying to fine for high amounts of money before investigating the situation and they never notified the courts of such high amounts of money due to the viewer rate. I feel this has gone on for too long, 4 years to be exact, and I’m tired of it. I still dislike Justin Timberlake for this performance. And for him to bring this back up at the ESPYs upset me all over again. I’m glad CBS weren’t fined for this.


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