Convicted actor Wesley Snipes has been granted permission by a judge to leave the country and spend three days in London to complete post-production on one movie, and spend eight weeks in Thailand to film another. The actor’s lawyers are currently in the process of appealing his February 2008 conviction of three counts of willfully failing to file his income taxes.

Back in late June, Snipes filed a request in federal court for permission to leave the country. His lawyers’ claim was that him not being able to do those movies would jeopardize his “future livelihood as an actor,” which in turn, would make it hard for him to pay Uncle Sam back.

Oh, okay, I get it! They’ll allow him to leave the country as a convicted felon just so that he can pay the government back. Makes perfect sense. As long as they can get theirs I guess. If this ain’t special treatment, I don’t know what is.

“Mr. Snipes will, of course, voluntarily return after his work on this film—as he has done each time he has been granted permission by this court,” defense attorney Daniel Meachum wrote in Wednesday’s filing, which was obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

Are they forgetting about the time he got ghost back in 2006 and the IRS couldn’t find him? I don’t see this whole situation ending too nicely. Unless he’s being watched 24/7 by some big ass security guards, after all’s said and done, this negro’s gonna be harder to find than Osama Bin Laden.

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