We kinda stole this from Vibe Magazine. You know, where they do the questions. However, there are two differences – we ask an additional question, and the questions they ask, and the ones we ask are completely different! Oh yeah … we spell it like “qwestchuns” lol!

Twenty (One) Qwestchuns

#1: Why did it take to long for Beyonce to get a non-singing role in a movie?

#2: Why does Weezy’s ad for condoms look suspect?

#3: Why are Reggie and Kim playing us with this fake ass relationship?

#4: Speaking of “fake ass relationships,” Chris Brown and Rihanna! Whaddup?

#5: Why didn’t Woody tell Sisqo about his call from the Lord before hitting the radio airwaves? Couldn’t he have at least put him on threeway?

Twenty (One) Qwestchuns

#6: I’m really loving Kelly Rowland’s new “investment!” I know that’s not a question, but I don’t give a damn.

#7: But here is a question about Kelly: Why the hell does she have to name drop Beyonce, or that House of Dereon fashion line, every time she’s publicly quoted? I thought they were “solo” artists now!

#8: Why don’t Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson go on ahead and get married?

#9: Now that Chris Brown and Rihanna are enjoying each other’s company, publicly of course, doesn’t it seem like Beyonce and Jay-Z are slowly fading away into oblivion?

#10: Why doesn’t Cassie just accept the fact that she’s a model? Singing is not her forte and she needs to leave it alone … now.

Twenty (One) Qwestchuns

#11: Who else is anticipating the fact that Barack Obama just might be the first African American (or biracial … whatever you want to call him) president of the United States?

#12: Does Hillary know that she’s pretty much screwed? Maybe that’s why she’s hinting at an Obama-Clinton ticket for the November elections.

#13: Something about Mario’s new promo for Dancing With the Stars looks … off. I can’t put my finger on it. What’s wrong?

#14: Does Webbie really embrace his unibrow?

#15: So Rihanna really had to tell her fans not to bring Umbrellas to the shows? Are they that stupid?

Twenty (One) Qwestchuns

#16: Was Saaphyri serious?

#17: So Tameka really gave Usher permission release this album?

#18: Doesn’t Ashanti have an album coming out? Oops, I almost forgot!

#19: Why is T-Pain in everybody’s video?

#20: You mean to tell me Cleveland has his own spin-off, and Stewie doesn’t?

Twenty (One) Qwestchuns

#21: Rihanna … what booty?

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