Usher ft. Young Jeezy – ‘Love In This Club (Radio Edit)’ – page linkI really love this song! Hell, I’ve loved all of the recent material I’ve heard so far from Usher, even the sonic-hit ‘Dat Girl Right There’ with Ludacris. Though I think ‘LITC’ was a more better single choice. And I guess the rumors about Usher releasing his album in 2009 are FALSE, according to MTV News, we all can expect a video to be shot soon. So hopefully we can also expect a Spring 2008 release on Usher’s new LP.

Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Happily Never After’ – page link Irony. This is said to be Nicole Scherzinger’s 4th single from her yet-to-be-release album Her Name Is Nicole (Interscope). It seems as though Scherzinger’s people are ‘grasping at straws hits’ now, and I don’t blame them, seeing how subpar all of her previous singles have done on the charts, as opposed to Scherzinger’s moderate success with the PCD. Well, I suppose I’ll add my commentary on the song now . . . I find it kind of blah, or boring, the lyrics and production are definitely on point (courtesy of Ne-Yo) but it’s lacking something to me.

Ashlee Simpson ft. Tom Higgens – ‘Little Miss Obsessive’ – page linkThis is said to be Ashlee Simpson’s second single from the album Bittersweet Word (Geffen) set to be released mid-Spring 2008. ‘Little Miss Obsessive’ features Plain White Tees’ Tom Higgens. The single, much less with ‘Outta My Head’, has more of the mid-tempo pop rock sound Simpson is most famous for. I like ‘Outta Myy Head’, it’s catchy, but so not her sound. Though she did say it was a ‘fun’ little song that was ‘personal’. Me no likey. I want that ‘Little Miss Obsessive’ Ashlee Simpson: pop rock.

Karina Pasian – Slow Motion – page link I have seriously underestimated this young lady, named Karina Pasian, bb! I am loving all the material I’ve heard so far from her. I heard she been rolling with Def Jam for a minute which is questionable. I think Pasian has a lot of talent and charisma to offer! I hope to be hearing more from her in the future is all I’m saying . . .

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