Results are still being finalized, so I won’t be able to post a full rundown of percentages and what-not until tomorrow, but according to a post on Barack Obama’s blog via his official website, the Illinois Senator has been named the winner of Super Tuesday by his campaign manager David Plouffe.

By winning a majority of delegates and a majority of the states, Barack Obama won an important Super Tuesday victory over Senator Clinton in the closest thing we have to a national primary. From Colorado and Utah in the west to Georgia and Alabama in the south to Senator Clinton’s backyard in Connecticut, Obama showed that he can win the support of Americans of every race, gender, and political party in every region of the country. That’s why he’s on track to win Democratic nomination, and that’s why he’s the best candidate to defeat John McCain in November.

UPDATE: The results have been finalized, and although Barack did win the most states, he DID NOT win the most delegates from Super Tuesday, which contradicts this post. But it was pretty close, as Hillary only beat him by 9 delegate votes. As far as the overall race goes, Sen. Hillary Clinton currently has 823 delegate votes, while Sen. Barack Obama only has 741 delegate votes.


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