Well, that took a total of 3 days! A few days ago, when I posted about him shutting Paris Hilton down and making her cry at her own party, I allowed him to get on my good side. Now, I’m seeing this video of him talking to Fox about which candidate (Obama or Clinton) he’s endorsing. Now, before I continue, let me clarify. When it comes to endorsing/supporting a president, I can’t knock anyone for not going for who I’m going for. Because afterall, we all go for different people, for different reasons, when it comes to choosing who you want to be president. So the fact that he’s going for HIllary Clinton doesn’t phase me. It’s what he said about why he’s not going for Barack Obama.

I just think she can do a good job. Ain’t nothing bad about Obama, in my eyes either, but I just think Hillary would be my choice. And I’m not sure if America’s ready for a black president. I think they might kill him.

Him going for Hillary Clinton isn’t why he’s back on my bad side. His blatant ignorance is why he’s on my bad side. Why would you say some bullshit like that to a reporter? Something that you KNOW is going to be on national television. I just don’t get it… Pinhead, indeed! As an African American, am I the only one embarrassed by that statement?

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