T.I.’s Defense: “Evidence Inadmissable in Court”T.I. might actually have a shot at winning this! His current goal is making evidence seized from his car and statements he made to authorities inadmissible in court. The rapper claims both were illegally obtained. Clifford’s team of attorneys filed motions Monday in U.S. District Court seeking to suppress evidence seized from his vehicle and statements he made when he was arrested on October 13, according to the Associated Press.

The defense says the officers had no warrant, consent or probable cause to search T.I.’s vehicle. They want statements the rapper made to agents thrown out on the grounds that T.I. may not have talked voluntarily and that he may have been detained improperly. The lawyers also said more details would be filed later.

Though the judge didn’t immediately respond, according to an email from a federal prosecution spokesperson, he will respond in court. And I, for one, definitely cannot wait to hear what the judge has to say.

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