Boondocks: The Story of Thugnificent

When world renowned rapper Thugnificent moves to Woodcrest with The Lethal Interjection, Granddad becomes annoyed by his new neighbors. Thugnificent then makes a diss video insulting Granddad titled ‘Eff Granddad’ causing all sorts of problems.

→ Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Fat Man Scoop, MTV’s Sway Calloway, Xzibit, Carl Jones, DeRay Davis, Nate Dogg and ‘T’ from 106 & Park (LOL, they had Terrence to a ‘T’)* guest star.

Classic quotes:

“Ain’t this a bitch … Who in the hell left the gate open?”

“Nappy-headed hoes…”

“Stop Hatin’ an’ get money my nigga!”

“Did you just congratulate me for reading?”

“Anybody can see that was a satirical ass beating.”

“This mallfocker went to Youtube?”


*Terrence J from 106 and Park was not a guest star.

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