Wow, is it really that serious? Shitty Cent let it be known at the Powerhouse concert Saturday night in Philadelphia that his panties were still in a bunch. Afterall, Kanye West did shit on him in CD sales. Graduation is already 2x platinum. Anyhow, T.I. was supposed to be in the line-up of performers that night, but we all know the reason why he wasn’t able to show up. So 50 Cent came out instead and dissed Kanye. According to several concert goers, he threw on some white sunglasses, tightened his shirt, and danced to “Stronger,” I guess to imitate Kanye. He then proceeded to say: “Now I’m gon ask y’all motha fuckas one mo’ time! Am I number one?!” Hell no yo bitch ass ain’t number one! Lol…Why don’t you just take a L for once and sit your big gorilla lookin’ ass down?!

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