Open Letter to ChrisDenzel Washington recently contacted Jay-Z and asked if he could do him the honor of appearing on the AMERICAN GANGSTER soundtrack and Jay-Z was like Naw … I’ll just do a whole album. Now that’s a helluva favor for a best friend!

Word has it that this movie will be BIG and with a cast of Common, Cuba Gooding Jr., Russell Crowe, and T.I. … why wouldn’t it be? Hell, I was speechless after seeing that minute TRAILER

Another thing … CHANGE THAT WHACK ALBUM COVER! I heard, “Chris picked it” … ? Since when was he allowed to pick anything!? Forget what he likes this is about supply and demand here! And don’t you dare give me that, “this isn’t an album cover contest” – of course it’s not! Just ask your girl Fantasia, her album was going off rip, but her record sales were low because of her album cover! You have to realize your putting out a product!

And please don’t give me that, “as long as the music is good” JIVE, cos if his album sounds anything like the material I’ve heard . . . I don’t really see the “maturity” as you clam … just “horny high school boy”. Call me a “hater” whatever, I have nothing but love for Chris, but somebody need to tell him THE TRUTH! Not the “pretty” truth neither but the truth that’ll make folks angry and wanna do somethin’!

And I mean nothing intentional by this letter, just think of it as constructive criticism to motivate you, I yet to have given up on Chris Brown. Hopefully you will use that time to promote a brother right and switch to a better album cover!

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