WATCH: Elderly Man Shot Dead in Cleveland, Ohio on Facebook Live (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Police have confirmed that a disturbing video posted on Facebook Live showing an elderly black man being shot and killed in Cleveland, Ohio is real.

The graphic video footage was shared in a live video stream Easter Sunday afternoon (Apr. 16) by a Facebook user going by the name “Stevie Steve,” who was later identified by police as Steve Stephens.

Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens: Nationwide Search for Cleveland Man Who Shot & Killed 74-Year-Old on Facebook

Stephens’ Facebook page has since been taken down along with the video, which you can watch below, but be warned, it is VERY graphic:

The shocking video footage shows Stephens driving down the road. He says, “Found me somebody I’m going to kill, this guy right here, this old dude,” referring to an elderly black man walking down the street. After exiting his vehicle, Stephens walks up to the elderly man and starts talking to him.

“Can you do me a favor?” Stephens asks the man, later identified as 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. “Can you say Joy Lane?”

Robert Godwin Sr.: Things to Know About Man Murdered by Steve Stephens in Cleveland, Ohio on Facebook

“Joy Lane?” the elderly man asks Stephens. “Yeah, she’s the reason why this is abou to happen to you,” Stephens responds before asking the unidentified man how old he is.

As the man tells him, “I don’t know nobody by that name” and tries to shield himself, Stephens pulls out a gun and fires one shot at his head, killing the man instantly. The video shows the man on the ground bleeding out as Stephens gets back into his vehicle and drives off. Mind you, the entire exchange was recorded on Facebook Live.

Police said the shooting happened at 635 East 93rd Street.

“He was a good guy, he’d give you the shirt off his back,” Godwin’s son said. “I’m not just saying that for these cameras. I”m telling the truth… This man right here was a good man. I hate he’s gone. It’s not real.”

In another video on Facebook, Stephens could be heard talking on the phone with a friend claiming to have killed more than a dozen other people. He said he “just snapped” and had a lot of “built-up anger and frustration.” He wrote on Facebook that he wouldn’t stop killing until his mother and a woman he said was his ex-girlfriend would call him.

“Three years I spent with this bitch,” he wrote. “I wish we never met.” In another Facebook post, Stephens called the shooting(s) an “Easter day slaughter” and called himself “the #goodguy.”

Cleveland Police confirmed in a press conference that Stephens was still on the loose, but said they had searched several locations and were unaware of any other victims. They said no one had seen or heard from him since the “senseless” shooting and didn’t know if he was stil in the area, but urged locals to be pre-cautious until he was found.

Cleveland Police chief Calvin Williams urged Stephens to turn himself in, saying, “He can’t keep victimizing his community based on his issues.” Chief Williams also said Stephens’ family was also urging him to turn himself in to police.

Cleveland Police described Steve Stephens as a 6’1 black man who weighs 244 pounds with a bald head and full beard. He was wearing a dark blue and grey or a black striped polo shirt and was said to be driving a white or cream colored Ford SUV. They said he was “armed and dangerous” and urged anyone who sees him to “not approach” him and “call 9-1-1” instead.

  • Patrick Sean Abraham


  • Shaggy

    This is just f’d up. Hope they find him soon.

    BTW what relevance is Mr. Godwin’s skin color? I can understand mentioning it of the murderer so people might better find him, but for the victim it doesn’t matter. Get all this shit bombarding us about racism and the media doesn’t even see when they enforce it all the time.

    • Adrian Cruz

      It’s to describe the victim nothing more. It would’ve been the same if he were white, hispanic, etc. This is why the only time it was mentioned was during the description and not every time they mention the victim. Some people just look too deep into things trying to find racism where is doesn’t exist.

    • Shaggy

      They don’t use his name, he’s nothing more than an “elderly black man” in this article. I saw his name on another article that was done quite well.

      I haven’t seen “white man” describing a victim. Even if they did, they do not need to be describing people by race unless trying to prove a point as Marcus Johnson above is mentioning about black on black murders or by helping people spot the murderer… though not sure how describing even his color is going to help considering there’s a picture right there to look at.

      I’m just saying, this race crap isn’t going to end unless people put a lil effort into it and that includes not bringing race into an article unless that is the intention.

    • Jo

      You’re being so silly! I’d like to know the race of victims when something like this happens. What did u want them to say? Nothing racist about this article.

    • Marcus Johnson

      Black Lives Matter? Really? Only if it was a White or Policeman that did the killing. If it was Black On Black no one even takes notice in the black community except the victims family. Black on Black murders have to be addressed. I know this may sound harsh to some but I have had and still have friends that happen to be Black and I’m sick of it. Just sad.

    • Shaggy

      That’s a good point, but something they should bring up in the article and not by calling him by his race.

      Don’t get me started on BLM, bunch of racist SOBs who let the media convince them white people are out to get them. They can’t win by taking a stance of helpless victim and insulting the majority. Only by cleaning up their own act and gaining enough allies to change how society thinks will they win the battle.

    • Puen Hunta

      I actually agree with your statement on Mr. Goodwin’s race. It might just be a dog whistle to point out the black on black crime thing. If that’s the case I’d rather they just come out and say it’s an issue, but I’m much more interested in really learning about Mr Goodwin who he was, how he lived his life, and the family he left behind. Man, what PoS this guy is. It’s almost like he was looking for the absolute nicest person in the world to kill. You just wonder how much stuff this poor man had survived in his 78 years to have this coward just randomly choose him and end his life while he was walking home from the store.

    • Nate Baldwin

      he killed himself tuesday morning