DNA Test Proves Stevie J Is Joseline’s Baby Daddy; Stevie Wants Joseline to Take Drug Test & Is Seeking Full Custody

Stevie J is officially expecting baby no. 6. No need for any more speculation, DNA results confirm that Stevie J is, in fact, the father of Joseline Hernandez’s unborn baby girl.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Stevie is not only the father, but he is also seeking visitation rights and primary custody. Though it seems redundant to seek both, the producer is most likely trying to ensure he is able to have some sort of rights regarding Bonnie Bella Jordan.

Stevie claims in the legal documents that he has proof Joseline is threatening to keep his daughter away from him. She allegedly sent via text message:

“You will never see your daughter f*ck n***a.”

And if you thought that’s as bad as it can get, you thought wrong. Stevie has also requested for Joseline to be drug tested. He alleges she has abused drugs and alcohol her entire pregnancy and worries it may have affected the child. He also wants Bonnie Bella to be tested within 24 hours of birth.

According to the docs, Joseline is due January 9th and Stevie wants to be in the delivery room. (Why do I also have this feeling Mona Scott-Young will been hiding behind the OBGYN with a GoPro?) There’s no doubt a VH1 camera crew will be on deck to capture Joseline give birth.

It’s also unlikely a baby will cause the former couple to be civil with one another. Stevie J called the cops twice this month claiming Joseline attacked him because she believed he had another woman in his house.

Hollywood Life was able to confirm one of the two incidents:

“Yes, an incident did take place between Steven Jordan and Joseline Hernandez, in [the] Zone 2 precinct area of Atlanta and there was a report filed on Dec. 4, 2016,” the Atlanta Police Department told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. So, an incident did occur, however, it is unclear what exactly went down.

Between Stevie’s latest spin-off, Joseline’s alleged delivery special, and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, we will probably be able to catch all of the couple’s drama unfold. Leave it to Stevie premieres tonight on VH1.

  • sweet alex

    i think they need to get back together. him with old dusty faith? she got tomuch baggage for him, not that he dont, but faith eveans and stevie is the oddest couple since flava flav and that tall old white grandma white lady. stevie knows he miss josline, we all know that, she brought the spice back in his life, and ,made him a bigger star that fadded out long time ago. no relationship is perfect, so why not try? they belong together, real talk. him and faith, thats wack. she got i dont know how many kids, 1 with biggie, his old pal. if he had any respect for biggs, and diddy he would have lwft it as friends. faith, i think she just trying 2 get her cougar on. when josline gets back in the pic, faith will be like “i knew we should have jujst been friends. but thirsty ladys will quinch it with whoever they want. not that faith isnt a good person and has an amazing set of vocals, but come on, 20 years as friends, youve been around all the players. and stevie/steebie lol, i love that.lol. but he got a baby on the way and u going for him, that whole thing is just wack on both steebie and faith. faith has wut 5-6 kida by what 4 or more men. yes im not being mean im stating facts. stevie is jus lonely without the p princess and he filling a void, but faith should no better as old as she is, she in her 50s, i mean wtf????????? i pray they get bcak together hi8m and josline, yea they had some ruff times, who dont,but he keep saying he made her blah blah, like he scrapped her off the streets and now she a star bc of him, i mean look at her?!!! she had money before him and she maddd talented, it was her her brought him up, every where he goes he gets asked about the p princess and we all kow this. he will never meet another woman like her, she was there for him, and really loved him, and a dna test has been done and e is the father! that woman would not go on tv knowing if he wasnt or if there was a possibility there was another man. she would have kept that whole thing off record and has an abortion or somem.she would not embarras herself. the whole married thing. i believ maybe theydid have some kind of private marrage union of some kind, maybe its not sighned or sent off documents, but to her thats her husband, he never denied it until he got mad and jealous, bc of that stupid poc w/her and rick ross, i mean rick ross is cool and all that but come on, so u really think she would mess with him over sexy stevie, ricks belly would suffocate her, it was just a pic, faith should know all about that with that magazine cover of her and 2pac, riiite???? faith just needs to pump what brakes she got and not get involved, he got a baby in they way it will be to much drama for her to want to be in, they just need to be friends and thats it. its clear he missing the p.princess and he filing that viod with poor old faith. i can olny imagine the time it takes to put on all that make up and hair on faith to make her look somewhat deesant(however u spell it?lol) take all that off, man shell be unrecanizable, but shell never be josline. ive alwsays been team josline, she keeps it real,and she a star on her on, she would have mad it anyways. im tired if steebie sain i made her like her birthed her out or sumem. its crazyyy!faith is cool and a good mother im sure, but this whole thing w steevie??? what is she doing/thinking? whats he thinking? he had josline a woman with no kids or baggage, young, talented, spicey, ssssssizzzle,sizzlein hot. lol. they was the perfect couple! faith is cool, and can sing we all know this, but do the math, back in 1995 or earlier she was in her 30’s/ or almost 30 then, guess how old she is now, what is stevie j thinking? faith as old as she is sbould no better,she should have been like, “look, u got a baby otw, until all thats delt with and all i cant commit or even get into all of this, as a friend im here for through that, but as a lover to get u through that, nawwwww, sorry.booooo on her, she should be ashamed of herself. its outragous.and i know josline will laugh so loud the world will here it when she heres about his raundevooo with faith. faith is being a ding bat for real. and being disrespecful at the same time. you dont know for a fact they aint maried, men say anything when they mad, us girls know that, and if faith has been watching the show she know the connection him and josline had/still have, her clothe are even in his house still, now if he didt really care all that would be in storage or some where else. but i pray faith and stevie is just a lil fake fling that will be gopne with the wind that goes past us everyday. bc that couple is allll wrong, just wrong wrong wrong! 20years of freinds and u stoop that low. what is wrong with her? 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TEAM JOSLINE AND STEVIE! faith, i would stell u to grow up, but your past that stage, how can u be so disrespectful knowing that man got a bay on the way and is possibly married. but u way pastgrown. do what u want, in the end you’ll see what u did was wrong. and will mess everything u had going on up. but to all god bless, and to every one, make right choices, and think with your heart and be kind to others, and do what is righ, put your pride aside, and do whats right, as hard as it may be,u/we all can do that! with all the love a perosn can give xoxo-shootingstarr~sweet alex