Black Dad Puts Racist Baby Mama on Blast After He Takes Their Biracial Daughter to Get Braids

Biracial children often struggle with understanding their identity, particularly in a society that typically only sees “black” or “white.” But I’m sure having a blatantly racist parent makes matters even worse. A black dad just put his white baby mama on blast due to her racist comments on their daughter’s braids.

While in his care, Nick Harris took his daughter to get her hair done. Harris then sent a picture of the little girl’s fresh cornrows to her mother. However, their conversation immediately turned racial as the white mother does not like her daughter having an “ugly black hairstyle.”

“It’s ugly. My kid is more white in my eye not fully black so she don’t need that ugly hairstyle…

[H]er hair is for me. The natural curls. Nick I don’t gotta embrace that side of her. This isn’t history class.”

Harris eventually posted their entire text conversation on his Facebook account, to put the racist woman on blast, and for feedback if he was wrong for embracing his biracial daughter’s blackness and hair texture. The post went viral.




I think we all feel for that child who has to grow up knowing her own mother is racist and will deny her the opportunity to even embrace or understand her blackness.

However, Harris shouldn’t have sent the picture of the cornrows in a text message. I would have gotten my child’s hair done and then sent her back with the cornrows, and that racist white lady would just have to deal with it.

Harris already knew she had racist opinions and sending that pic would only lead to a disagreement. Why was he even with her in the first place? And now they have a child together, so he’s stuck with her for rest his life.

  • Ava

    You get what you asked for… next time use a condom

    • Derrick D Harrigan

      Now THIS is the most got damn truth I’ve read on this entrie thread of foolishness! THANK YOU! No mention of color, race-baiting–NONE OF THAT; just the FLAT OUT TRUTH! He got what he asked for. Point blank.

  • derelle davis

    apparently she only likes black inside her

    • Brave Hearted Soul

      Obviously. And the sad part is…she said that she wish she didn’t have a kid with him. So you regret your child??? So yeah, my beautiful black brothers, stop fucking the other race thinking you’re doing your future kids a service. You’re setting them up for shit like this

    • jordan sparx

      Look, regretting the person you had a child with

      and regretting the child themselves are two separate issues.

      These idiots clearly Fetishized each other, he wanted some white woman, she wanted some black man and it was a disaster.

      Don’t judge people for their sexual preferences, he didn’t fuck her for his kids benefit, he just liked her more than black women.

    • Kae W

      You can not speak on why he had sex with her, you WERE NOT THERE. You do not know the circumstances

    • Livvy

      ‘He just liked her more than black women’.

      And just look where that got him.

    • Theresa

      erm – actually jordan sparx, he probably DID F*ck her to have a mixed daughter/child as many black men do, having been raised in this F’d up society where light skin is often perceived as better than dark skin. Don’t misunderstand, this doesn’t mean “white”, it merely means a “lighter” skinned black person or mixed. It doesn’t even mean a preference in women!
      (Speak to black people if you think I’m talking cr*p)
      Clearly he knew this woman’s views and so is looking for sympathetic validation from us all on this nonsense situation. The child is 50% black and 50% white. The mother doesn’t have to like the hairstyles as everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes. It’s just a crying shame these two utterly ridiculous human beings brought a child into their mess!
      This poor child has these two cretins for parents. :’-(

  • Gotitbutsmh

    He picked her, deal with it.

  • StopMee Stopmee

    What’s wrong with this dude? He did’nt want to be seen or date a sister so now he’s asking for advice from FB.. “Dude Get your life!

    • Ngeri Nnachi-Azuewah


    • Treasure

      These same black guys go to these high schools and the black girls continue to go to prom by themselves and they lined up for miles with these white girls with their tux on making our girls feel like they are not good enough. Now who’s not good enough?

    • Shannon Love

      And white female slave owners treated black male slaves like whipping boys. Sleeping with black men and having them hanged for nothing but a lie. Doesn’t it crack you up how some of these hypocritical black men leave out THIS part of history, but ALWAYS wanna call black women the “bed wench”?

    • Macro

      Why didn’t you use the word raped? Or does rape only apply to women? Black men were raped for strength and now that we have men everywhere on their knees, here you come to kick our symbolic carcass. Maybe men don’t like to think about being raped did you think about that? And now that the rape of the black man is on your tongue, should they give their spear, their power to the sisterhood of traveling complainers?

    • Livvy

      Black women don’t like to think about being raped either.

      Doesn’t stop black men calling us ‘bedwench’ every chance they get.

    • Livvy

      Not all white women were lyong though. Eldridge let us know that.

    • Macro

      Speak for yourself. Black girls desire control relationship wise more than other girls. Boys don’t enjoy the excess girls desire. In my experience the black girl left me to dance with the clique. So no she wasn’t good enough.

    • babescapone

      So, why is it when you give a man total control they crumble and get upset when you pick up the pieces. Im completely submissive in a relationship, but it seems the black man dont want to lead. Just inquiring…

    • Leslie

      You don’t know what most black women want you ignorant fool. There are millions of Black women on this planet you probably don’t even know 50 lol The way you feel about that black girl in your scenario is the same way someone felt/feels about your mother, sister, aunt, cousins etc.

    • Ali

      But you’ll let a white woman degrade the sh*t out of you. Oh, please.

    • justkarnett

      My goodness people, there will be a time just like this situation when they are reminded of who they are and who really loves them for them. Do you actually think all the pro sports players and other rich black men who are married to white women would have these women if they didn’t have the money they have. They wouldn’t give them the time of day, however in a black mans defense.

      Normally people date the people who surround them on a daily basis. Black men are not trying to go back to the hood to find a black woman, his mind was conditioned to never look back. It’s life, who cares at this point. Everyone has to learn from their mistakes and clearly in this woman’s eyes, her beautiful daughter was that mistake, well the left side of the baby lol, you know the black side??.

    • 9Ether

      You made a stereotypical blanket statement. All black women don’t live in the hood. Many of these white women, hang out after games or go to the clubs where these players go to, trying to hook up with them for the gravy train.

    • Kt

      It’s funny everyone in this comment section is clearly anti-interracial relationship “pro-black” all the way -_-. Yet as soon as someone makes a comment against black people they lose their mind. This situation is a bad example but at the end of the day love is color blind.

    • 9Ether

      Not me. I can care less if another race says something about black people. They have a right to their opinion, just like I do too. Love IS NOT color blind, so stop with the fu*kery.

    • Sonya E

      Where you coming from with this BS that all black women live in the Hood? Get yo life…..

    • justkarnett

      Jesus people, read the damn comment before you jump in your feelings to attack….IM A BLACK WOMAN WHO LIVES IN BUCKHEAD. I LIVE IN A NEIGHBORHOOD WHERE THE LEAST EXPENSIVE HOME IS OVER 300k, the best part about it. ITS 70% BLACK, and mainly black SINGLE moms and women. BLACK WOMEN ARE THE STRONGEST PEOPLE IVE COME ACROSS,YOU CANT BREAK US AND MANY HAS TRIED. SO NO IM NOT SAYING THAT.. on that note, GET YOUR LIFE HON??

    • Leslie

      You sound ignorant and full of excuses for self hating black men. There are plenty of black women outside of the “hood” that live in suburbs but these men have tunnel vision that only includes white women.

    • justkarnett

      There is never an excuse. If the woman don’t like the hair style, she DONT LIKE IT. I don’t and never will have tunnel vision. I’m one of the black woman who don’t have tunnel vision. I see it from every angle, that’s why I said…..HER NOT LIKING THE HAIRSTYLE DOES NOT MAKE HER HATE BlACK PEOPLE…lawd have mercy, im sick of everything bring black or white. I lived outside the hood for 30 phucking years. My kids only did the private school thing for 10, I came to my senses and did what I needed to do. I snatched them out so they are aware and can experience both sides. They turned out great, didn’t matter if they were with black or white.

      Don’t ever get it twisted, black people are the ones who hate each other the most. I see it every day and I live in Buckhead in Atlanta. There are a lot of us here that are successful but we HATE each other. But again, if she hate the hairstyle…SO WHAT…it’s her choice

  • King Joffe

    And there you have it. Having a kid with them won’t change how they look at you.

    • Shannon Love

      All white people l are not racist, he just picked a bad one

    • snc

      The problem sweetheart is that you never really know what you are getting until you’ve laid with them and gotten them comfortable…Be smart and not deal with them at all. Most of them will tell you that majority of them are raised with prejudice… Just abstain.

    • Michael Dixon


  • Brave Hearted Soul

    But this shows that ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST! Whether they believe it or not. They are fascinated with our skin and features but they don’t love us. They’re too busy trying to BE US. This should teach y’all black men to stick with us, YOUR OWN KIND. We might roll our necks and challenge you to be the best you can be, but DAMN, keep running to the enemy and we’re not going to be able to protect y’all all the damn time

    • Shannon Love

      All white l are not racist, he just picked a bad one.

    • Sonya E

      Yes they are…some can hide it more than others…..

    • Peter Parker

      You do realize that by grouping all white people into one definition/stereotype, that also makes YOU racist, right?

    • Molly Murach

      No it doesn’t make her a racist. Racism and prejudice are two different things. Racists need the power to oppress races. Prejudice is a stereotype/generalization that anyone and frankly everyone has about other races. And since most people in positions of power, at least in America are white, most of the representation in media- the white people have the power to oppress other races. So white people /are/ racist, and everyone is prejudice whether they admit it or not.

    • Peter Parker

      Late reply, because, well – I have a life and rarely check this.

      You should really consider looking up the definition of racism. Because needing power to oppress is not part of it. As a matter of fact, prejudice is part of the definition, though. Here’s one part of the definition to save you time: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race…”

      So, yes, by grouping all white people together into one definition/stereotype does, in all actuality, make someone racist. Anyone who thinks any differently is just grossly ignorant.

    • JT Wallbanger

      No, that does not mean “ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST!”. Stop grouping us all together in group-think. Do you want everyone thinking that all black people are lazy and uneducated? No, you don’t because we know that’s not the case. You will come across racist white people, just like I have come across racist black people (and don’t give me that “they’re not racist, they’re just prejudiced” b.s.) Why not try looking at people as individuals instead?

    • Molly Murach

      Racism requires the person to hold institutional power. The vast majority of institutional power in the US is white…whether in law enforcement, business, government, or the education system. Our laws were designed to enforce racism (slavery, Jim Crow, etc.) And withholding power from non-whites. Without power differential, systemic racism is not possible. White people enforce their prejudice through systemic white privilege and discrimination. Prejudice is a belief, while discrimination and racism are behaviors/actions. There is both individual and systemic racism. Also, people are not taught to think in terms of systems. They think only about their individual experience. That’s why it’s the hardest for poor whites to grasp. They know that their lives are hard, and they don’t understand intersectionality, so they don’t get that being poor and white sucks, but being poor and Black is even harder. This is the heart of sociology. I like the backpack theory… for each marginalized group you belong to represents a giant, heavy rock. One for being poor, another for being a woman, another for being disabled, another for being Black, etc. The more rocks in your backpack, the more discrimination will affect your chances of a successful life.

    • JT Wallbanger

      Yawn….so are you going to tell me how I’m racist because I’m white? I hold no institutional power. Now, as to that point, that does in effect mean that black people can be racist, because they DO hold institutional power. Black POTUS/FLOTUS? Check. Black AG? Check. Black Senators/Congresspersons? Check. Black business owners? Check. Last I checked, government is an institution.

      Your “privileged” argument is overplayed, just like the racism card. Get off your high horse and deal with society in individual terms. All you’ve said to anyone is “white privilege” and black people can only be prejudiced, not racist (basically). I call BS.

      This is the problem with people like you who deal in academics/mental math, and not the real world. Stop playing identity politics. I look at people individually, and base them on their character, as do most people I know. You should try it.

    • Molly Murach

      I’m just telling you how racism works, agreed upon by scholars who study this for a living. Reverse racism isn’t a thing. If you are white the laws are designed for YOU, as a white person whether or not you hold public office. You are less likely to get pulled over. Less likely to get busted for weed even though whites and blacks smoke it at the same rate. You are less likely to face hatred, discrimination, and racial profiling. I’ve said my piece and if you want to stay ignorant to the real troubles of POC than that’s on you bud.

    • JT Wallbanger

      Ahhh, assumptions and scholars who spend more time in academia than in the real world. I never said reverse racism is a thing. Racism is a thing. Black people can be just as racist against white people as white people can be against black people. That, Miss Molly, is truth. Staying ignorant to it because you don’t like the definition, is on you.

    • Leslie

      Jt your boring argument is tired and probably a copy and paste from a Fox News comment section lol Reverse racism is about as real as big foot. What is real is the fact that hate produces hate not love. White people have hated black people for hundreds of years without provocation and have the nerve to not understand why some black people judge them and hate them lol the hypocrisy with “you people” is mind blowing lol Seriously the new racism is to deny racism you white people sure are quick on your toes with finding new ways to oppress people of color smh

    • JT Wallbanger

      See, there goes that “reverse racism” thing. I never said it was real. I said racism was real, and it’s not specific to white people only. If you say that I’m boring, I should then say that you have a short attention span and should actually read and comprehend what someone else is saying. Molly (according to her profile pic) is white. There goes YOUR racist slant, thinking that everything someone else says is racist. Seriously, get over yourself. How am I oppressing you? What am I personally, along with millions of other white people, doing to oppress you? Seriously. Also, I don’t watch Fox. I watch them all. You know which newsperson has the biggest amount of stuff on my feed? Joe Scarborough. Not a single Fox news anchor on my feed from my own accord.
      Since I’m so racist, I must really hate my niece. She’s bi-racial like this little girl. You know what? I must really hate her father too. He’s my brother in law, and a really good man, but he’s black. I should have never given him and my sister money when they wanted to move but didn’t have the money they needed. You know what made me do it? Being told by people like you (forget about color for once, I know you want to go there anyway though. I’m talking mindset) who told me that because I’m white, I’m automatically racist. That made me help them out. It wasn’t the love for my family. Nope, couldn’t have been.

      Now see, Leslie, I think you’re a troll. “White people have hated black people”. Let me rephrase that for you. SOME white people have hated black people. Now that I fixed that for you, it is a much more true statement. As to that, I’ve said my peace, I’m out. Go ahead and keep calling me racist for being white though, if it makes you feel better.

    • cedric

      Why are you even here? No offence but GTFO.

  • tommygun722

    The dad should be thinking of the child. This should not have been placed on the internet.

    • Treasure

      Well you got what you wanted, the same thing make you smile will turn around and make you cry. You trusted your oppressor. So, keep on thinking of all the reasons yall don’t date black women. In the mean time we happy and chilling,we know we black.

  • Ngeri Nnachi-Azuewah

    Already knew she had racist opinions??? LMAO!!! And his ass still chose to lay down with a racist. Come on now. Racist opinions? Naww…she is a racist and when you lay down with dogs, you are bound to get fleas. That is exactly what he gets. People need to abandon this illusion that white people sleeping with black people aren’t racist. Slave masters slept with the African women that they enslaved………so………yeah.

    • Shannon Love

      And white female slave owners treated black male slaves like whipping boys. Sleeping with black men and having them hanged for nothing but a lie. Doesn’t it crack you up how some of these hypocritical black men leave out THIS part of history, but ALWAYS wanna call black women the “bed wench”?

    • 9Ether

      Many black men DON’T leave out this part of history. Those that do, are in denial. Why become a willing participated bed-wench when you know the true history behind bed-wrenching? Why become a “willing participated whipping boy”, when you know the true history behind it “whipping boys?”

    • cedric

      You said that already. Whats wrong with you people? Why always promote the gender divide. Sometimes I think posts like yours is from a white troll trying to cause blacks to argue and achieve nothing. This story should be seen as a cautionary tale to black people period. Stop this gender bullshit its counter productive.

  • Homey

    The dumb bitch should have swallowed

  • Llegra

    Mixed kids do not have issues with their identity except perhaps, in the US where it I is one or the other which is ridiculous. As for both parents, this is what happens when libido overtakes common sense as clearly, they are unsuited for each other and now, a poor child would pay a hefty price.

    • Dee Hines

      Please, mixed kids with a black parent usually have at least some issues everywhere because there isn’t any modernized country that colonialism or white supremacy hasn’t touched. That’s why there are bleaching agents in so many products across the globe.

    • Curis

      heirs bleaching products across the world because every single culture veiws having lighter skin as being better. It was like this for centuries. Thats why royality in every culture was always a lighter tone. Only white ppl see lighter skin as ugly thats why gingers get all the hate.

  • EMMA

    No better for you the bitch was racist when you first started dealing with her but all you could see was I got me a white woman like you had something anytime you blacks get with a so call white woman that mean one thing they are not wanted in their own race or every time I see a black guy with one she’s so dam fat she can’t get thru a door you were to stupid to see how racist she was when you first starting dealing with that racist shit you had a problem yourself now deal with it

  • E. Cortes

    It’s very simple really: just because you sleep with a minority doesn’t mean you can’t still be bigoted or biased. If this election has taught us anything is that we are NOT “post-racial”.

  • Jessica Smith

    I love how everyone is ignoring the true sad subject, that this child has an idiot and a racist for parents. A parent who hates and regrets having her child.
    Adults reap what they sow, but both should man and woman the fuck up and realize like it or not your child comes from two very different histories/cultures and needs to understand that and be allowed to experience and live both.
    Shame on ya’ll that are just as racist as she is in these comments.

    • babescapone

      It is so sad she will definitely grow up with iddentity issues!

  • GrapeCrush

    Checking for f**** to give…annnddd…I have nothing. That’s what you get N I G G A

  • Macro

    He didn’t like her opinion, so he publicly shamed her. Can’t you see that this dad took his daughter, without moms permission for new hair. That’s all this is just silly. He injected race into this first. Read closely. She doesn’t like the style, but dad did it anyway just to ‘show her’. Messy. . .Dads only point is “haha look what I did. I’ll bet it’s racism.” He preyed on her anger and got the virtue signal points he craved. That kid is a chip in a hate game. He’s narrow minded, she’s

    intransigent. I don’t relate to either side of their coin. Does your choice validate your impartiality? Self esteem starts with self.

    • Curtis

      Glad i wasnt the only one that noticed this. he seems so fixiated on her “black side” that he forgot shes also white and thats the other half of the problem. I bet he didnt think about the bullying shes gunna get for “appropriating” black culture either. In any case you dont do your daughters hair without the consent of mama because she will be pissed, thats how women are and he knew that and wanted this reaction. It seems the father wanted a darker baby and forgot hes with a white women.

    • Your mom

      You so so damn dumb and ignorant??? How exactly would she get bullied for “appropriating black culture” when she’s half black???? Secondly, black people is way more accepting of mixed people than white people ever will be, as seen by this text exchange. The only people who would bully her are white people, as her own mom is already doing. And no, it seems the mom wanted a white baby but loved sleeping with a black man.

    • Sonya E

      That child is HIS child too…why should he have to get PERMISSION…when he has her…he can do and when mommy has her..she can do….this is the very reason why folk shouldn’t be having babies out of wedlock…know who you are having children by…on both sides…..If she didn’t want to share her child with a black man then she shouldn’t have laid down with him…if he didn’t want to share her with a white woman then he shouldn’t have gotten involved…they both are stupid and immature if you ask me. Neither one is thinking about the child…JUST THEMSELVES…

  • Curis

    I dont know why hes so shocked because hes in the same boat as the mother. Hes so fixiated on her being black that he forgot shes also white. He obviously did this on purpose to stick it to the mother. You never get your daughters hair done without mamas consent cause she will be pissed and he knew that thats why he posted it online. If he trully wanted to respect both of her heritage he woyld of got a french braid like the mother said but of course his daughter is obviously black to him and hes not afraid of using her to get back at the mom like a bargaining chip. Its funny how some black ppl choose to automatically side with him without looking at the facts.

    • Zaza

      Read closely, its obvious he inject race into this first. Mom didnt like the hairstyle so it automatically must be race right? He preyed on her anger and got the virtue points he wanted from the fools.shes not black shes mixed but he obviously doesnt want to believe that. Maybe he should of slept with a black women then right ?

  • Joe Ferrara

    Bi Racial, as in “two great tastes that taste great together” – the love which created this beautiful child seemed to work [literally] just fine…so, where’s the problem in embracing BOTH sides 100%? That’s like telling my wife to not speak her language with our daughter, or not letting her go harvest rice, or learn traditional dance. Sorry baby, that’s just too “ethnic” haha SMH. This little angel needs to be proud of who she is and where her people come from, period. I hope mom comes around and embraces the fact that you can’t erase history or DNA.

  • A Mosley

    I personally believe that all black women should stay out of this. We didn’t create the problem, so why should we be the first to fix it? If white women love black men so damn much, let’s just sit back and let them cape for the “brothers”. Not my fight and not my problem.

  • Smith Jones

    Why did he lay up under this ofay wench and produce a child with her, and why did she ride the black penis knowing full well she may have a biracial child? The main one getting hurt by this is the little girl, and both parties need to get their stuff together and raise her to be a good woman.

  • The woman is right. Braids looks disgusting. I don’t wanna see a woman or girls scalp and I’m black.

  • Plus this black guy, can’t play “stop being racist” card when he went for a non black woman, na man, you made your choice, to breed with a non black woman, too late to be comin on a malcolm X tip, nigga

  • screwzz

    Poor child.

  • Frugivore Clarissa

    That awkward moment when black men don’t notice their own anti-blackness until its expressed from the white mother of their biracial child. Honestly this poor excuse of a woman was like this when they first met, you can bet money that he never spoke up while she talked shit about black women all the while they were together, only when her ignorance turns on their child, then he has an issue. He chose to have a child with someone who clearly never respected his racial identity, never even attempted to unpack her white supremacist ideology, or truly see him as a valid human being. These black men who never acknowledged and value their blackness always seek out these types of white women who will do the same, in the hopes of validating their existence, pathetic. Then they want to cry when they get exactly what they ask for. Smdh. She will be teaching their daughter the same anti-blackness that led him to the child’s mother in the first place. Can he acknowledge that first?

  • Jabranpin

    He is one stupid man. Hopefully he will wisen up in his lifetime. I doubt because coons gotta coon

  • lol@u

    While the racist bitch is clearly in the wrong, the dude was also wrong for having a kid with her knowing what she was like.

    But in the end of the day, the guy is a better parent than that hoe ever will be.

  • rex84

    Here’s a double standard:

    When she criticizes corn rows, she’s a racist.

    When he criticizes bangs or French braids, he’s not racist.

    Double standards are for hypocrites.

  • Sweet_Heart_Deal

    Sorry; what does he want from us? He picked this woman!!

  • Nina

    Ctfu at all these “pro-black”/”woke” mfs shaming the dad for fucking with a white woman, completely missing the issue of how this woman is speaking about her own fucking child! “That’s what he gets”, except he ain’t “gettin” shit, it’s the little girl who is going to suffer! That’s the problem, that’s the topic at hand. “It’s his fault for sleeping with a white woman…” no it’s not. Not a damn thing that she or any other person on this earth does is his fault. We are not responsible for anybody else’s actions.

    He made a bad choice in women to date and made the poor decision to have a child with her, and that is his fault. She also made the same poor decision to have a child with a man she clearly harbors hatred and intolerance toward. The hateful shit she says about her own child, however, is no one’s fault but her own and the fact that she straight up said that she doesn’t have to embrace her child fully is fucking sick. She’s sick and disgusting, period and that’s the only thing to be taken away from this.

  • cedric

    Serves him right. Is he expecting support from blacks? He can go f**k himself. I have no sympathy for this IDIOT. Bedwenches and bedbucks should stay their asses over the fence. Their self hating mentality is cancerous to the community. We need to shun these turncoats for good.

  • Jamie

    So the Mom’s not allowed to say that she shouldn’t have cornrows, but the dad’s allowed to say that mixed race girls shouldn’t have bangs? everyone’s getting pissed at her but he’s just done the same thing. He wants the Mom to embrace her black side which she should, but the father should accept that’s she’s allowed to have typically white hairstyles too.


    what you want us to do? cry you a river, get some balls and figure out what you should do since you made this your problem deal with it. Posting shit like this on the internet.

  • NY

    This whole comment session is garbage. Black people complaining to each other, black people even finding a way to give this white bitch excuses?? How are we always getting to this? This black coon is already miserable who cares about bringing him down even more? The one person to complain about here is the white bitch. PERIOD. White supremacists have no problem laying down with black people. It doesn’t change the fact they still are racist AF, it doesn’t change the fact they don’t give one shit about what you’re going throught, it doesn’t change the fact they did prefer yall dead. Hell, those people are having sex with dogs, they could lay down with anything at this point, you’re not exception.