Trumpgrets Tumblr Shows Tweets of Regretful Donald Trump Voters

We’re still a month and a half away from Trump officially becoming the next president of the United States (still can’t believe I have to type that), and already, the regret is starting to roll in.

Even before the election, many said that they didn’t necessarily like Trump, but that they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Clinton, and now, it looks like a lot of those people are regretting their decision.

#Trumpgrets has started to sprout up on Twitter and even has its own Tumblr page dedicated to people expressing their regrets for voting Trump last month. And it’s not surprising. Less than a month after winning the election, he’s already backed off of many of his campaign promises.

That great big wall he always talked about? Now it might be a fence. Getting rid of Obamacare? Well, turns out he kind of likes it. And his promise to drain the swamp? Yeah, about that

So it shouldn’t be surprising that tweets like this have started to sprout up around the internet.







To keep up with the growing list of #Trumpgrets, simply search on Twitter or check them out on Tumblr.

  • DrMichael

    This is mostly hilarious, but I too am saddened that the Republicans will be killing Medicare despite the fact that my dad voted for Trump. He needs it to survive.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Your dad shouldn’t have voted for the GOP. I’m sorry but Paul Ryan & his friends has been very frank in salivating about vouchering the hell out of Medicare and I don’t get why people don’t get that when a politician tells you he wants to chop up Medicare, they vote for him anyway even when they depend on Medicare.