John McKeon: Some Things To Know About Judge Who Let Incestual Rapist Go With 60-Day Sentence

Another day, another example of our justice system failing us. Much like the Brock Turner case, there has been another lenient sentencing for a rapist, only this one is even more egregious than that one, and it has the judge, John McKeon, on the hot seat.

1. Who Is John McKeon?

John McKeon is a State Judge in Eastern Montana who has recently made headlines across the country for a sentencing he made. And while some may hear the ruling and assume this was an inexperienced judge, McKeon has been serving for over twenty two years at this point.

In fact, he was on the verge of retirement before he was thrown into the national spotlight for his extremely lenient sentencing of an incestual rapist.

2. Why Is He In The News?

This otherwise Average Joe has been launched into national infamy after his ruling on a case that involved a Montana man repeatedly raping his 12-year-old daughter. 40-year-old Martin Blake had pleaded guilty to the crimes over the summer, and the prosecution was seeking a 25-year jail sentencing.


After hearing the case, however, McKeon decided to punish Blake with a paltry 60-day sentence with time already served. That means this man, who admits to having repeatedly raping his pre-teen daughter, will only spend 43 days in jail.

3. There is a petition to have him impeached.

After news of the downright insulting ruling broke, people across the country decided to take action. The petition says that “Judge McKeon did not uphold the responsibility of ensuring justice as he is required to in his elected position.”

It went on to say that:

“He is just one of many judges who have been caught handing down light sentences to rapists. This must stop and we can only do that by sending a message. It is time to start punished the judges who let these monsters walk our streets. Please sign this petition calling for the impeachment of Judge John C. McKeon.”

As of now, the petition has over 100,000 signatures ands needs 150,000.

4. Judge McKeon has issued a statement defending his ruling.


Amidst the outcry of anger since his ruling, McKeon has come out and tried to explain why he decided such a lenient sentencing was best. He said that an evaluation performed on the defendant found that he was not likely to repeat his crimes and that he could be safely treated and supervised in the community. He cites the exception to the mandatory 25-year prison sentence for incest involving someone age 12 or younger.

McKeon also said that the victim’s mother and grandmother wrote letters asking that the defendant not be sentenced to prison. The victim’s mother wrote that while the defendant made a horrible choice, he needs help, not a prison sentence, even invoking the man’s sons who “will be devastated if their Dad is no longer part of their lives.”

He concluded his statement by saying:

“All district judges take an oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of this state. These constitutional provisions and laws include certain fundamental legal principles that apply at sentencing, including a presumption of innocence for unproved criminal allegations, the varying sentencing policies and government’s burden to counter evidence supporting an exception to mandatory sentence.”

5. McKeon plans on retiring in the near future.


For many judges, having such a harsh kickback from the public would be a career killer — something that follows you around for years to come (much like the Brock Turner Judge). But for McKeon, this won’t be a problem as he is planning on stepping down from the bench next month.

So the petition is aimed at doing more than just having him removed from his seat, as that won’t be a punishment at all. Instead, the call for impeachment is in the hopes that McKeon will not receive his taxpayer pension after he leaves.

As the petition says:

“We can ensure Judge McKeon doesn’t get to retire and collect a paycheck from taxpayers after failing to fulfill his duty as a judge.”

  • Arleen Henton

    Generally, I am against mandatory sentencing for non violent crimes such as using marijuana, which seem inherently unfair, especially to POC. In this case, however, this was a violent crime and not just one occurrence, but multiple violent rapes of a child (his own daughter!). I don´t understand how his wife and mother can plead for leniency stating in part his sons need him!! Just what will he be teaching his sons? That is permissible to have sex with children, even if they are you siblings?? Judge McKeon, this was an extremely bad call. I feel so sorry for the daughter in this case, she must feel totally betrayed and alone.

  • cetude

    Well incest is the new norm these know anything goes and the mother didn’t care and neither did the daughter. that petition is a waste of time they won’t do anything to a judge because he knows best.

    • IToldYou

      I’ve also wondered if the petitions actually carry any weight. And with the judge letting offenders escape punishment, it’s almost like he’s condoning incest as something that “needs help” not punishment… just terrible!

    • sysadminpgh

      Taking it to the politicians will get some results. Imagine when they go to run and they allowed this man to serve less than 2 months for REPEATLY raping his daughter. Imagine if this a$$hole rapes another little girl!

  • IToldYou

    It seems like the letters from the mother and grandmother were a key point that the judge used to make this decision. This almost sounds like battered women’s syndrome to me. And don’t forget that abuse is often a cycle, and if the grandmother is writing letters pleading for mercy on this man, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was mistreated, her daughter was mistreated, and now her granddaughter is being taught that a husband and father is above the law (aka mandatory state minimum in this case) if he mistreats her. The judge just continued this cycle of abuse and I guarantee that unless she truly sees the light here, this young girl will accept this as “normal” as well and will end up with a bad guy who gets away this this stuff, too.

    • Freida Peeple

      no one spoke on behalf of the victim. her own mother and grandmother testified for her abuser. in other words they blamed her for the repeated sexual abuse.

  • Freida Peeple

    I hope he enjoys retirement…so long as he never leaves his house / answers the phone / checks his email or goes online.

  • James Guthrie

    Ironic that people dont get this upset about a person accused 11 times and settled out of court several times for rape, yet voted him into the White House, yet lose there minds over a single case over an unknown family. Hypocrites.

    • TC0370

      He was ACCUSED not charged. BIG difference. And it didn’t enter your mind that the reasoning behind the accusations was $$? People can do a lot of heinous BS for the almighty dollar.

  • larueb

    They dropped two other charges against him for his plea of guilty on this charge, in return for a minimum jail time of 25 years. So the judge then decides to give him 60 DAYS for his REPEATED rape of his under 12 year old daughter. The girl’s mother and grandmother plea for a lenient sentence. WTH?! How do you think that makes that girl feel? She is worthless to the mother and grandmother, the husband is more important. What message does this send out to pedophiles all around this country? Do what ever you want, because the chance of getting caught is tiny, the chance of getting prosecuted are minimul (I have personally seen deputities talk minors out of pressing charges, even with a confession,) convictions take an act of God almost, and then to top it off, punishment is a JOKE! PLEASE tell me that the 12 year old girl is not in the care of her mother or maternal grandmother.