Evelyn Lozada Already Knows About Carl Crawford’s Other Baby Mama, Amy Freeman

Evelyn Lozada shocked us all when she announced that she was having a baby, and when folks found out who the father was — MLB player Carl Crawford — they immediately got to digging, and discovered that Ev’s new baby daddy isn’t exactly “NEW” to this whole fatherhood thing.

Not only does Carl have a 10-year-old son from another relationship, but he also just had ANOTHER baby over the summer by a woman named Amy Freeman — the mother of his first child (see below).

Evelyn is about six months pregnant, so if Carl just had a baby about six months ago, that would mean that Ev got pregnant either right before or soon after the birth of Carl’s new baby.

But what about those “sources” who told TMZ that she and Carl had been seeing each other for “almost a year” and their relationship had gotten “serious?” A relationship can’t be that “serious” if a guy has a baby with one woman around the same time he impregnates another.

Hold up, wait a minute. Let me put some pimpin’ in it … before you start getting messy with that information and have Evelyn looking at Carl like this:

Bossip did their homework and confirmed that while Crawford did have a baby recently, he isn’t a cheater and Evelyn isn’t a home-wrecker.

According to our source Carl was single when Amy, who is mother to his 10-year-old son, became pregnant with their newest baby. The two were not dating and according to our source, Crawford believed Amy was on the pill — because that’s what she told him!

Carl and Amy have not dated or lived together in over seven years, and this latest child was the result of an offhand, one-time incident where the pair were just being consenting adults having sex. Evelyn didn’t even come into the picture until much later.

I see … said the blind man who never saw.

The good news is that Evelyn Lozada is his new baby mama. The bad news? Well, there is none! There are a lot of guys out there — including this guy! **points at self** — who would love to have babies with a woman like Evelyn Lozada.

Just ask Chad Ochocinco. He tried, but failed, miserably. Just don’t make the same mistakes, playa!

  • SayQue

    Carl Crawford is the dumbest man that has ever lived. Didn’t learn when she stole Antoine’s money or when she used 85.


    • Glenda Davis

      You’re so right And whoever wrote this article is not too bright as well. Because they’re saying, “Any man is lucky to have a baby with Evelyn.” WOW! What morals!!!

  • Nene

    Whatever happened to getting married and having kids with one person? Between them they got 2 women 2 men and four kids with broken families. The devil is busy, God has got to be tired of man’s charade. Read the book of Revelations in the Bible mans time is running short.

  • Not impressed

    Whoever wrote this article is a real fool. A baby with a psychotic, violent, supergroupie? Really ? Those are your ambitions? She bankrupts Walker then dumps him, destroys Ochos career and spends an entire season catawailing on TV about him, in the meantime she was porking Carl Crawford and probably everything else she could find with a contract. Wait…. Did Eve or her cronies write his article?.

    • CommonSense

      What? This woman has her own money!! She’s got a book. She’s on TV. She has a store. “Destroy Ocho’s career?” How? He did that all by himself; starting with that stupid name! These athletes don’t get to play house; and then embarrass women… for free~ like a broke man can. M’Kay???
      Evelyn can ‘poke’ whoever she wants. Is she to be vilified just because she’s pretty? What? Pretty women with real hair aren’t supposed to have sex drives?? And if they can bag a hard body with money…. they shouldn’t because??? Yes, she has violent streak. She’s working on it… nobody’s perfect.
      What’s really your problem??? Are you not pretty?? You can’t poke who you want? I don’t get it!

    • LoveMe

      Great response Evelyn (CommonSense)! You are so creative. Get a real life you super groupie.

    • CommonSense

      Normally, I wouldn’t give you a response…but damn! How’s a person responding to an article from 2013 telling anybody else to ‘get a real life’??
      Try to keep up, okay?

    • LoveMe

      Evelyn I wrote it because I knew YOU WOULD respond. You ain’t foolin nobody. You can try to change your image but your reputation will always remain the same. LOL!!!

    • CommonSense

      Hilarious love me, because I’ve fooled you.
      I wouldn’t mind being Evelyn, for the money and access to great parties. But my own life is got me so amazed. Can’t wait to see what I’m up to next…
      Anyway, you take good care!

    • LoveMe

      You’re pretty funny…of course you wouldn’t mind being who you are Ev. That’s all you talk about when you defend yourself on social media. “Oh the money money money and all the women who would love to be in your shoes because you f&%$ athletes”. You might want to change that up. It’s getting old like you. Can’t wait to see how your life turns out. Anyway, you take good care too!

  • yanell

    She was busy abusing women her whole career, Ocho was stupid to get nvolved with her, because she is a groupie looking for a rich athlete. She has trapped Crawford now, what an idiot. Why anyone would want a part of that gene pool is a mystery, let’s hope Crawford takes an active part in raising this child. .. If it inherits her morals it would be so sad…. Evelyn is pure scum.

  • wow…

    “The bad news? Well, there is none!”? Really, what about when you just said, “this latest child was the result of an offhand, one-time incident where the pair were just being consenting adults having sex.”? I’m sure that child will feel fantastic that you called him that…
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  • Joe Bank

    Dear Carl,
    Please do not let the checks be late.

  • TrueCommonSense

    This article is played! This ish ain’t true. Evelyn created this BS article and is trying to get people to believe she is the victim when Carls baby mama Amy and kids are the victim.