Jaden Smith Thinks the World Would Be a Better Place If Everyone Dropped Out of School

Kids say the darnedest things. And when celebrity kids say dumb stuff that they think sounds profound and revealing, they sometimes end up exposing how shallow and uninformed their upbringing really has been.

I’d like to think that Will and Jada raised their song Jade Smith right. Between he and his sister, Willow, Jaden seems more down to earth and in touch with reality.

But then Jaden had to go and get all anti-education on Twitter and encourage his fans and followers to ditch school. Cause, you know. It’s brainwashing us all.

Oh, really? Brainwash the youth into doing what exactly? Memorizing their times tables? Understanding the subtext of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? Jaden never specifies in his tweets, but he does ramp up the intensity with this doozy, suggesting that we’d all be better off if we’d just dropped out of school.

If you’d stayed your butt in school, maybe you wouldn’t unnecessarily capitalize every damn word in your tweets. English 101, get into it.

Furthermore, Jaden’s idea that high school dropouts are somehow more enlightened than us all is not something that jibes with reality.

Fantasia Barrino is a high school dropout who struggles to read, has two baby daddies and is prone to emotional public meltdowns. That’s not the role model our children need for the future.

Stay in school, kids.

  • Achim

    Yes, but he is right about school being a brainwasher. You know those test papers where you were asked to come up with your opinion, then failed because ‘your opinion was wrong’? Besides, nobody actually learns anything(they forget it all after high school), so it’s near to being a waste of time.


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