K. Michelle Clarifies That She Got a Butt Lift, Not Butt Injections


K. Michelle has been known for two things: Her big mouth and her big butt. While no one’s doubted the authenticity of her talk, many have speculated on her centaur-sized rump.

During an interview with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, K. Michelle came clean and admitted that she had a butt lift. But she fervently denied having any butt injections. Because, duh, that would make her look like a big flaming hypocrite for going after Karlie Redd’s liquid, saggy gluteus maximus.

“It’s just a lift, no injections in your butt cheeks,” K. Michelle said. “They just lift the booty. They lift it and they take your fat out your stomach, you automatically look — and then I been moving around, losing weight and I guess that’s why it just looks even bigger.”


I’ve never heard of a butt lift before in my life, but something tells me K. Michelle ain’t telling the whole truth about her adventures under the knife. It’s ok though. If the truth doesn’t come out, the silicone will eventually.


  • DRKG

    You haven’t heard of a but lift, when so many women in South America get them? I guess that the only women that you heard about getting them here was those women who loose a gazillion pounds and need their but put back in place. Lipo+But Lift= Nice but Bump………………….so I would not be so quick to call her out. You have heard of the Brazilian B lift though right…….only difference is that the B lift has to add fat to the bottom.

  • New You Imagine

    We have heard of a Butt Lift $4800 http://www.newyouimaginellc.com it is when you take fat from one part of your body and transfer it to another part the fat then grafts pow bootie