Fantasia Barrino Says She’s in a Very Good Place Right Now on the “Today” Show


As one of the early winners of the “American Idol” franchise, many thought Fantasia‘s life would be nothing but a dream by now. But the past few years have been hell. No worries though, cause she’s in a better place today.

In a quick promo interview with Kathie Lee and Hoda for the “Today Show,” Fantasia celebrated the success of her new album, Side Effects of You. The album debuted at #1 on the R&B charts and has resonated with her fan base, which is a welcome response to her work after suffering from a few flop albums recently.

Kathie Lee and Hoda played nice with Barrino, mentioning the “challenges” she faced in her personal and professional life without digging into the ugly specifics of her baby daddy drama or her alleged attempted suicide with baby aspirin. But regardless of how messy her past has been, Fantasia wouldn’t change a thing.

“I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s a part of my testimony and it made me the woman that I am today,” said Fantasia.

One of Fantasia’s recent champions has been classical musician Andrea Bocelli. The Italian star invited Barrino to open for him and apparently, she had to learn some Italian for her stint with Bocelli. How the hell do you learn to speak Italian when you can’t even read English? OK, I’ll stop.


  • a$s

    Attention author of this article, just wanted to let you know that you started off well, but towards the end you were really mean. i am sure you have skeletons in your closet and if someone had the key and opened them to the public, you would probably be in big trouble. Get it together.

  • Jacob S

    Yes! Whoever wrote this article could nothelp themselves, they had to end it by being messy and ignorant! What makes it so bad is that you’re most likely aren’t important/happy in your own life so you have to pick apart the lives of others…..loser! Since you don’t care about facts, the FACT is that Fantasia Barrino speaks well and better to some of the most “popular” celebrities today. So stop with your narrow minded ignorance and move on! Give this girl the credit she IS DUE! Thank you!

  • Amanda Larsen

    I agree with the other two comments… That was mean. I actually think that Fantasia speaks well.. although she has a soft child like voice, she does speak well.. People can never just say something nice and move on…Ignorance sells in this society unfortunately. Apparently there are alot of miserable souls! Learn how to uplift and not put ppl down!

  • JeNNthePENN

    Ugh i hate to see this girl do good in anything… just cause she sings well, I’ll give her that but other than that her looks, skin tone, have no regards being a celebrity…i know that sounds mean but oh well its how i feel. Who cares if she’s nice! Why do people like her?

    • Jacob S

      You are truly just as ignorant as the author is! I can also see that you may be a miserable, lowlife racist as well… What the HECK does her skin tone have to do with anything.. Are you saying that dark skin black people shouldn’t be recognized for their talent JUST because their dark skin!? That is insane! You need your *** whipped for even thinking up such foolishness! The more you root for her downfall the more successful she will be.

    • str8hardbody

      You are mean. Bad Karma for you. Fantasia is a great singer and will do well in her endeavors. Bad luck for you biatch

    • Han

      You r just a negative and envy person. That is sad.

  • Faith

    Haters are going to hate. Keep pushing forward Fantasia.

  • fdafsdf

    who ever wrote this article shame on you to say mean things about a sweet person like fantasia you better wash your mouth out with soap cause god dont play about his daughter

  • Ivery Summers

    Who is this Author of this Article..You are just class-less. Most folks in life have gone thru many trials..obviously, you wore born with a “Silver spoon” and can throw stones at a “glass house”. Just because this young woman’s life is displayed to the public with scoundrels like yourself and not privatley like most folks, you think you can judge! Someone should have taught you humility and humbleness, because your lack of; comes shining thru…Get your life.