Miley Cyrus Gets Her White Girl Twerk on at Juicy J Concert

Miley Cyrus Gets Her White Girl Twerk on at Juicy J Concert


This girl is on fi-yaahhh!! A walk on the wild side with Three Six Mafia’s Juicy J has turned Miley Cyrus into a twerkin’ machine.

Like all of the Disney stars before her, Miley Cyrus is wilding out now that she’s “grown.” And her biggest source of rebellion these days is raiding Rihanna’s closet and bumping to ratchet hip-hop music.

She’s made friends with producer Mike WiLL and rapper Juicy J so it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise that she turned up at Juicy J’s L.A. show over the weekend. But Miley didn’t just show up, she showed out too.

Doing her best to pop her bony butt like a real twerker, Miley popped, locked and dropped it to Juicy J’s world renown skripper anthem, “Bandz A Make Her Dance.” While her rhythm wasn’t the best and she clearly needs way more junk in her trunk, it could’ve been way worse. So Miley gets a B for effort.


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