Mariah Carey Transforms Her Greatest Hits into Aural Diarrhea on “American Idol”


Mariah Carey is without a doubt, one of pop music’s biggest hit makers. In an effort to show off the breadth of her catalogue, the singer made an attempt to pull of a medley of her hits. What we got instead was a lipsynched, scattered bowel movement that Mimi tried to pass off as a tour de force.

Uh huh. What’s the French translation for, “You tried it.”?

Mariah Carey is supposed to be a judge on this season of “American Idol” but she still took the time out to show some love to her daytime job as a professional recording artist.

Dressed in a pageant gown that looked like it was shipped straight from Mattel, Mariah stiffly stood and delivered her hit songs for her adoring fans. Well, at least her backing track did.

For much of the performance, Mariah laid back in the cut while the recording did most of the work. Yes, Mariah was lip-synching.

But that’s not even the worst part because truth be told, Mariah’s never been an impressive live performer.

The truly horrid part of Mariah’s performance was the awkward and clumsy mixing of her hits. She delivered a line of “Vision of Love” and then leaped into “Make It Happen” and then lurched into “Hero” without rhyme or reason. There were no smooth transitions and the snippets of each song were so short that you couldn’t get much out of them.

Mariah would’ve been much better off picking one or two throwbacks to mix in with the performance of her new single, “Beautiful.” Cause this was nothing but a shitty mess.



  • dh

    Her performance was taped yesterday (as was keith urban’s) for broadcast tonight.. She did three separate takes but absolutely SANG LIVE EACH TIME…(i was there!)
    It was Amercian Idol’s idea to blend it into the show as if it was all performed tonight.
    The producers did not do a good job of editing the separate takes!!

    • MikeinSJ

      I’m sure it was Mariah’s idea to do a separate taping for her fans, not Idols. Mariah does what Mariah wants. She had the regular audience sent home and brought her own fans in for the show, so she could be surrounded by sycophants, who would buy anything she’s selling. I am quite sure she also wanted to do the 3 tapings, so she could pick which ever ones made her sound the best. Unfortunately, the end result was a train wreck. As the writer pointed out, it was badly put together and it didn’t flow at all.

    • Banaaac

      It was actually Idol’s idea. She wanted to do a extended medley on the Finale, but Idol insisted the time constraints would make it impossible, especially in terms of staging and what not. After all she’d have about 2 minutes of ad-break to get from the judges chair, presumably change outfit, on stage, sound check with the band, rehearse once + warm up her voice before singing. It just wasn’t possible so she pre-recorded the performance the day before at Idol’s suggestion. Keith did the same thing, pre-taping the day before, due to time constraints.

  • The way Idol edit her performance was horrible.

  • Mikey

    It didn’t sound like she was lip syncing to me. The vocal was different, it was a bad edit job. She performed it about 3 times and they cut/pasted the best edit together.

  • Manny

    What utter tripe. Mariah Carey in her heyday (just watch MTV unplugged or Mariah at the Tokyo dome was incredible. Totally biased article, and this wasn’t lip synched are you incapable of detecting the subtleties and variations of the way she does melisma in her performances ?

  • Mel

    Whoever wrote this is fvcking pressed.

  • This article is great and so true! BRAVO!

  • LS

    When Mariah sounds good people say she lip-synched and if she sang bad they say the same damn thing. People, stop trying so hard to Not believe that Mariah IS a true singer and yes she DOES sound this good cus it’s live!!! And we all know she’s a vocalist and JLO a performer. Done!

  • LS

    Roger – ur the shitty mess here

  • L.

    I really loved this article. Thank you Roger Ratchet! ahahah

  • I wouldve loved the article had you informed people that this was a prerecorded “live” segment that was filmed the night before. It doesnt help anyone when you give out 50% of the information. But yes I do agree that the editing seemed “choppy” at best.

  • Lambily

    how very sad that you cant appreciate the amazing legacy that is
    Mariah Carey who has brought so much joy ,empowerment and hope through her music and has set the bar for female vocalists worldwide, she is the biggest selling female artist of ALL TIME!!

    instead you criticize and slander and pick apart a short performance and that is supposed to sum up the amazing impact Mariah Carey has brought to the world?

    PAY HOMAGE!! she is incomparable and still amazing!!

    you listen to her too or you wouldnt be writing about her!