Trinidad James, Ugliest Rapper Alive, Steps Out with Blonde Becky in Atlanta

He has a face only a mother could love, but it looks like overnight rap sensation Trinidad James still has a way with the ladies. Or at least one lady.

Fresh off his newly signed $2 million record deal with Def Jam, the 25-year-old rapper (born: Nicholas Williams) stepped out in Atlanta last Friday night (Mar 8) and was spotted hanging out at Mansion Elan nightclub with a cute little white girl he seems to be “courting” (read: fucking) at the moment.

According to Atlanta-based celebrity blog the Jasmine Brand, James and his Blonde Becky arrived and left in the same car service. And inside the club, they were “cup cakin’ together in VIP and not leaving each other’s side for the ENTIRE night,” except for when Trinidad tended to his hosting/performance duties.

It’s not 100% official whether or not they are dating, per se, but as the Jasmine Brand notes, their body language says it all. But what actually makes this “courtship” particularly interesting is who Trinidad James’ new arm candy actually is.

While James’ new Blonde Becky isn’t a “celebrity” like how he is now, she is famous in her own right. Apparently, the girl’s name is Niykee Heaton and she’s a popular YouTube singer who does acoustic covers of popular songs from the radio.

On her YouTube page, she has videos of her covering songs from Drake, Young Jeezy, Chief Keef and Lil Wayne. She even has a cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but with her own twist: “We Are Never F*cking Ever Getting Back Together.”

And of course, she also has a cover of Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” — which is what probably caught the budding rapper’s attention and put her on his radar in the first place. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and she reached out to him. Who knows?

Let’s just hope and pray she doesn’t let him kiss her. Look at those chompers!


[H/T: Jasmine Brand, Photos: Prince Williams/]

  • Jaybones

    Wait a black guy with money dating a white girl never see that happen

    • Pretty Nigga Chrollo #Phantom

      shes fucked blacks without money though… look it up bruh

  • White Genocide is Real

    Disgraceful. Period. And I’m not a racist for saying so. This shit is propagandized to white girls from birth. And I mean an ugly ass clown pos like this? Disgraceful. No pride in where you come from. Definitely no dad. Period.

    • Eric

      “I’m not a racist” coming from the guy who’s screen name is “white genocide is real”, hmmmkayyy.

  • John Cool

    He has million dollars. I’m pretty sure as money whoring women are today he could hook up with anyone. However gold diggers screw you over at the end.

    • Eric

      Not a person who has a high opinion of women, are you? I bet it’s your poor attitude that makes women not interested in you and not the other way around.

    • John Cool

      I used to be the nerdy wow guy in highschool/college. Then I hit the gym and got a new perspective on women from my alpha friend. Women are much easier when you don’t put them on a pedestal and yes I am good with women. You being a white knight would surprise me if you have been with more than 2 women in your life.

  • Eric

    2 kid’s chilling with each other, so what! Like dude’s hat says IDGAF, I wish more folks took that mantra up.

    • John Cool

      So what? Eric you just tried to accuse me of being misogynist and here you are being it one comment down. What a retard you are.

  • jb89

    Oh look, another rapper that degrades women and has a beautiful girl hanging off him… what else is new.