Today’s FAIL Video: Boy Jumps in “Puddle,” Almost Drowns

For future reference, if your friends dare you to jump into some random puddle of water, just say no!

In video footage that has gone viral, a teenager and his friends come across a puddle outside a “Family Dollar” store. Of course, teenagers will be teenagers, and one of the guys dared their friend to jump into said puddle with his brand new shoes for $1.

So the boy took up the challenge — “for the kids,” of course — but what he didn’t know, is that the so-called “puddle” wasn’t even a puddle at all! He found that out as soon as he jumped into it, and he almost drowned because that “puddle” was actually a small sink-hole.

Pretty scary, indeed, but he managed to quickly pull himself out before anything bad happened, while his friends laughed hysterically in the background.


Kids, don’t try this at home.


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