Rob Kardashian Goes for a Run with the Game to Lose Some...

Rob Kardashian Goes for a Run with the Game to Lose Some of That Rita Ora Weight (PHOTOS)

After burying his break-up sorrows in boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts, Rob Kardashian has been left with nearly 60 pounds that he needs to shed. It’s not the first time the male Kardashian has had to go on the offense with regard to fitness, but his latest weight gain has earned the reality star some really unflattering press.

Thankfully, Rob Kardashian can count on the love and support of family and friends to help him on his journey back to health and a size medium. Friends like the Game.

The former G-Unit rapper was spotted hitting the trail on Runyon Canyon with Rob as part of his workout regimen. Game’s younger brother, BWS Byrd, is helping Rob get into shape with some fitness program he’s put together or something, according to Entertainment Hitwise, so that explains the strange link.

The Game must be really thirsty for relevance if he’s chilling with Rob though. After his VH1 show flopped, maybe he’s hoping that some of that Kardashian luck will rub off. Unfortunately, he’s hanging around the unluckiest Kardashian out of the whole lot. This bum Rob can’t even hold down a full-time job or pay his own rent.

As for Rob, how sad is it that even the celebrities he dates and hangs out with are flops. Running with the Game during the day and crying over a Rita Ora at night is a clear sign that you’re making your way down the totem pole. Not up. Do better, son.

[pics: EH, DM]


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