Rihanna Blows Chris Brown A Kiss In Court

Rihanna Blows Chris Brown A Kiss In Court

Speculation, if any, surrounding the status of Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s relationship was officially put to rest on Wednesday (Feb 6) when the pop sensation showed up to support Brown in a Los Angeles County courthouse.

Some would consider that to be rather unsettling, considering Brown is currently serving probation for punching her in the face four years ago this Friday. Ironically, the last time these two appeared in a courtroom together, Rihanna was actually testfying against him.

Brown is back in court for failing to complete his mandated 180 days of community service. CNN reports that Brown’s mother presided over the 23-year-old’s court ordered service, most of which was never completed.

Yet Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos is maintaining that the “Forever” singer was indeed hard at work in Richmond, Virginia, where the hours were to be completed.

Last month, Brown reportedly assaulted fellow artist Frank Ocean and in 2011, it was alleged that he flew into a violent rage following an appearance on “Good Morning America” after he was asked about his domestic violence dispute with RiRi. These instances were cited in court as violations of his parole. Brown is set to appear in court again in April.

Perhaps most puzzling is just how devoted Rihanna is to Brown. According to the Associated Press, the Barbadian stunner blew Brown a kiss as he entered the courtroom — because as most women know, there’s nothing sexier than a man facing legal action. **Insert obligatory eye-roll here**

Unfortunately for Brown though, Rihanna’s willingness to forgive won’t erase his criminal record.


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