Justin Timberlake Puts on His “Suit & Tie” for Comeback Single with...

Justin Timberlake Puts on His “Suit & Tie” for Comeback Single with Jay-Z

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After more than 8 years away from the studio, Justin Timberlake is BACK! And this time, he’s got Hova on his side.

The pop superstar last graced the world with his musicianship back in 2006 with his wildly successful sophomore album ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds.’ But he decided to spend the majority (okay, all) of his time focusing largely on his acting career. He had a string of mediocre films but he landed a remarkable role as Napster co-found Sean Parker in the Facebook movie “The Social Network.”

Since we last heard from Justin, he also go married to his longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel. So it’s perhaps with this grown man state of mind that he approached his new single “Suit & Tie” with Jay-Z, who’s also a married man to superstar Beyonce.

The track is a throwback to the R&B sounds of Marvin Gaye with its light, airy, disco feel. It sounds like something that’ll be spinning at picnics this summer, in fact, even though the song talks about formal attire and marriage.

“Tell your mother that I love her, cause I love you / Tell your father we gon’ father as a couple / They ain’t lose a daughter, they got a son,” Jay raps about his relationship with Beyonce and her parents.

Listen to the new track below:

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