Frank Ocean’s Father Wants to Sue Him for $1 Million

Frank Ocean’s Father Wants to Sue Him for $1 Million

What’s the price of fame? For Frank Ocean, $1 million appears to be the price tag hanging around his neck.

Frank’s deadbeat father, whose absence Frank detailed on the song “There Will Be Tears,” has apparently filed a $1 million lawsuit against his own son. Though, it’s not clear what for, exactly. Defamation of character perhaps?

Here’s the tweet that Frank sent out to the world wide web crying foul about his deadbeat father’s selfish actions:

Whatever the motive, Frank must have legal advisors asking him to keep a tight lip about it or something, because he deleted the tweet announcing his father’s suit shortly after posting it.

Sadly, Frank’s father’s behavior is typical of the deadbeat dads of superstar children. The suit will likely cause more emotional damage than fiscal, as these suits rarely tend to go in the absentee father’s favor.


  • Nene

    This is why people need to take care of their kids. You just never know who and what they will grow up to be. His dad wants to try and take something from him that he didn’t help him to get.


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