Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak Cracks Up At Nappy Hair Joke...

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak Cracks Up At Nappy Hair Joke About NeNe Leakes

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It’s no secret that there’s no love lost between NeNe Leakes and her former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kim Zolciak, but you’d think that now that Kim has moved on from the show that they’d be able to stop e-beefing with each other. Not so.

Even though Kim has been accused of racism several times by NeNe, Kim waded into the racist waters again by getting her LOLs at the expense of a joke about NeNe’s “nappy hair.”

A friend of Kim’s on Twitter decided to take shots at NeNe’s supposed naps while watching the latest episode of the show. The cast was in Anguilla and NeNe was getting her hair done. That’s when @MrPolished fired his shot and Kim was quick to get in her co-sign:

Dear Kim, mocking a black woman’s natural hair is not the best way to combat rabid rumors about your prejudice toward black women.

First the statement about black people using indoor pools cause they can’t tan and now this?

You’re on thin ice, lady.

  • Maryland girl

    Kim was bad at first but it seems that after getting married the change towards her friends came out with the racist is that being married to because remember she fired her assistance sweetie after she got married


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