Is Rihanna Finally Waking Up and Smelling the Roses About Chris Brown?

After spending much of 2012 looking a damn fool with her pants on the ground (shout out to Gen. Larry Platt), is Rihanna finally coming to her senses about this twisted love triangle she’s caught in with Chris Brown and Karrueche?

First, Rihanna posted a hand-written note to her followers on Instagram:

Dear Navy,

We continue down this road together, strong, united, uncensored and fearless. There’s no question that life throws us curve balls, we do our best to deal with them, take the lessons and keep it moving without regrets!

Throughout 7 years and 7 albums, there has been so much to be happy about, many fun filled moments… As we continue this journey together, we’ll write new stories, share more laughs, meet new people, tell more stories, in faith in hope and take not one moment for granted.

I look forward to embarking on this ride with you, unwilling to sacrifice what we believe in , taking our lessons and growing from them. Don’t let one thing shake your core. Let our inspirations drive us, never steering from who we truly are…

We are all unapologetic…

Love, Rihanna

Okay. Key phrases in that letter: take the lessons, don’t let one thing shake your core. Chris Brown’s return to her life has definitely shaken Rihanna’s core. It’s infuriated her fan base and brought on the ire of anti-domestic violence advocates.

But the letter was nothing. A cryptic tweet made Rihanna’s feelings even clearer:

Ooooooooooooooh, girl! It’s about damn time!!!

Does this mean Rihanna’s finally gonna let this Chris Brown thing go once and for all?

Let it be.

  • qtpi

    I don’t understand why only Chris Brown keeps being labeled the suspect. Rihanna appears to a very unstable, psychologically troubled young woman. She gets away with smoking marijuana in pics, frolicking around naked, on her knees in a hotel room, getting inebriated, cursing like a sailor on social media and just being a pure, ratchet mess and Chris gets the bad rep? This girl has the reputation of a trash bag, yet some people and blog sites wanna place blame on Mr. Brown as if he is the end-all be all of her issues. Rihanna is a train wreck and was that way before Chris. SHe will be troubled with whomever she chooses to be with until she resolves her daddy issues. Not to condone anything Chris does, but when will people allow this wanna-be hoodrat to take responsibility for her own downfall? Her relationship with Chris Brown is just one of the many indicators of her emotional instability.

    • excuse me i have marijuana pics, get inebriated, curse like a sailor both on social networks AND in real life. i graduated universitylast week with a 3.8 gpa. so what exactly is your point? you said her reputation meaning that’s how others perceive her NOT how she actually acts & please tell me when you had time to become a psychologist to know she’s emotionally unstable? because emotionally instability to me leads to shooting not weed pics on instagram. judge her if you want but don’t be biased.

    • Yippy yie yay – you graduated from a university. You curse & get inebriated. You got weed pics & a 3.8 gpa. Gold star for YOU. NOW WHAT?? Did it make you feel BIGGER to MAKE IT A POINT TO ANNOUNCE THAT YOU GRADUATED FROM A UNIVERSITY?? Does it make RIHANNA look any better now that you’ve SHOWN OFF your GPA?? Please stop tryna shoot down people who voice their opinions. You attacked the young lady above (“QTPI”) as if she committed a gotd@mn CRIME …. just because YOU dont agree with what she said. But everything she said is true. Rihanna DOES run around smokin’ weed, exposing & carrying herself like she’s EASY. (SHE ANNOUNCED ON A RADIO INTERVIEW THAT SHE LOVES BIG D1CKS) <~~~~ WTF? —– Now she's back with a n1gga that smashed her face in & left her bloodied & bruised?? She also has HERPES. And going from what I see of her in the media, she doesnt carry herself with much class OR self-respect. People are sucking up to & defending Rihanna saying "its her business" & "who are we to judge" & "they're working it out" & "everybody makes mistakes" blah blah blah, in relation to Chris Brown whippin' her A$$ in that Lamborghini – JUST BECAUSE SHE's RIHANNA. PLEASE DO NOT "DEFEND" RIHANNA LIKE SHE DOES NO WRONG. Rihanna warrants the comments & opinions she gets from others because she is a celebrity & she also PUTS HERSELF OUT THERE. Celebrities WANTED to be celebrities – they WANTED the attention – they WANTED the MEDIA in their business – So as far as I'M concerned, Rihanna made what she does MY BUSINESS. Maybe YOU should stop being a SMARTAZZ & go light up onna those weed stix you have pics of, go suck on your 3.8 GPA & let motherf**kers voice their opinion without YOU jumpin' on them like they did something wrong to YOU personally.

    • qtpi

      Thank you! Rihanna is a mess and anyone with half a brain can see that!

    • how did i attack her sweetheart, my intentions were to state that just because your smoking weed & cutting up does not mean you are a wreck. AND YOU MOTHERFUCKING A RIGHT imma show off that GPA cause i worked hard for that bitch so begone with that nonsense. you the one writing 4 page letters and shit. & if you wasnt so quick to dick eat the next bitch you would see where i said judge her if you want but don’t be biased. shit you let these rappers get away with you wont let rihanna so GTFOHWTBS! i will defend who the fuck i want WHENEVER the fuck i want. yes you bitched got opinions, but i never fucking said i cared for them.

    • qtpi

      First, I can say whatever I choose. Second, what the hell does your GPA have to do with Rihanna? Woop-de-damn-doo! I also have a degree and am graduating in May with a Master’s degree in Social Work, so technically I did make the time to become someone who has the power to assess and diagnose people’s mental health, thank you. However, neither of our accomplishments have anything to do with the train wreck that I was talking about. My position still stands, get over it and maybe you should stop taking marijuana pics. It’s just plain ridiculous. Maybe that’s why you’re defending her so much; you’re just as ratchet as she is!