Kelly Rowland Melts the Screen in Steamy “Ice” Video Sans Lil Wayne

Kelly Rowland Melts the Screen in Steamy “Ice” Video Sans Lil Wayne

Kelly Rowland proved to the world that she knows how to make her kitty purr with her saucy hit single “Motivation” last year, and her new single “Ice,” attempts and succeeds at pretty much doing the same.

It in fact also features Lil’Wayne, just like “Motivation” did too. She probably should’ve just gone ahead and put “Motivation Part 2″ in the song’s title while she was at it, cause the video for “Ice” looks like a continuation of the gritty, sexy, warehouse video featuring bare-chested, model men with sculpted abs.

There really isn’t a whole lot to analyze in the video, aside from Kelly’s diverse choice in wigs, but Kelly sure does have the moves like Jagger. Strangely though, Lil Wayne didn’t bother to show up for the video at all. It kind of makes the whole thing feel a little awkward during his verse.

To be fair to Wayne, he has had both court and health problems as of late, so maybe one or the other (or both) prevented him from actually appearing in the Mathew Rolsten clip.

Watch Kelly Rowland’s new video below:


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