“Basketball Wives L.A.” Meltdown: Laura Apologizes; Chantel Christie (Jackie’s Daughter) Expresses Regret

Laura might have bitten off more than she could chew on Monday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives L.A.” You see, the conniving, older Govan sister decided to up the stakes in her manipulation game with Jackie Christie by meeting up with Jackie’s estranged daughter, Chantel Christie.

Yes, Chantel DID call Laura up, so it’s not as if Laura exactly went chasing after the young woman and forced her to spill all of her family secrets. But still, Laura was licking her chops as soon as Chantel reached out and Laura couldn’t wait to turn the conversation into something that could be used in her campaign against Jackie.

Watch a clip of the meeting that went down between Laura and Chantel:

The backlash has hit hard, and for once, the viewers aren’t coming at Jackie. No, this time the viewers are unloading on Laura and Chantel.

Many viewers feel that Laura’s mind games with Jackie have crossed the line, and that manipulating Jackie’s children is beyond the pale.

Others are blasting Chantel for being so carelessly disloyal to her family. Her mother warned her that Laura did not have good intentions and yet, Chantel couldn’t wait to trot on over and air out all of the family’s dirty laundry.

So now, both Laura and Chantel have been forced to go to the Tweets and make peace with the world.

Here are Chantel’s tweets first:

Whew! Jackie and her daughter sound like they have a black version of Dina and Lindsay Lohan’s relationship. Shit is exhausting.

Laura, meanwhile, hit up Twitter to say she was sorry for HOW she went about getting revenge on Jackie, but not really for plotting revenge in the first place. Kind of like when someone doesn’t apologize for what they said, but “how” they said it.

Laura made the mistake in assuming that the viewing audience’s hatred for Jackie was unsatiable. Unfortunately for her, she had to learn the hard way that Jackie Christie actually could come off as a victim on reality TV.

So yeah, Jackie Christie comes out of this whole situation smelling like roses while Laura and Chantel look like the worst kind snakes to ever slither on earth.

  • shasyl

    Laura need to get a life n jackie daughter is really wrong for doing it either way they both wrong……there is a place and time to do somethings….From the look on no ass laura face when chantel was talking those sly smile n fake oooooohhh n aaaaaahhhhs…..

  • vfocused

    Dont care how much of a victim Jackie is painted. Jackie is still too controlling of her kids. Doug told her she needs to leave them alone. Jackie is crazy and needs help and no one came to anyone aid when Jackie was dogging everyone out first season. Imani didnt even return cus she was so done with the show. Laura may have went too far but IT IS REALITY TV and this was Jackies reality. If u dont want your biz out there then dont sign up for the show!


    First of all I for one commend Miss Govan for airing the dirty laundry. Second if it wasn’t true then it wouldn’t have been said. Everyone needs to realize that Jackie Christie is a ******* person and she needs help. She has hurt her daughters and probably others. It is not cute any more. She gets shit started on every episode. I can imagine what she does to people in real life. so lay off Laura and Chantel the truth somes hurt, but now some healing can come from all of this. Jackie needs to be dealt with in a real way. She never mentions her grandchildren. She is black as a boot herself. She didn’t even invite Kari to the wedding. Come on people keep it real!!!! Someone is going to to write a tell all and make millions, because this shit is deeper then we know. Jackie is the ultimate mean girl!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kalilah.brown.5 Kalilah Brown

      yeah, but thats your mother…when do you draw the line. Doesnt matter how bad Jackie is thats your mother. To hurt her in the worst way ever tells you something about a child. What you do is move on and wish her well. Call her sometimes to see how shes doing. Pray and hope God change her if she allows him to. But dont try to destroy your mother because God will not bless you. You will destroy your own life.

    • datruthhurts


    • http://www.facebook.com/stacey.m.mitchell.9 Stacey M. Mitchell

      I do agree with you. Jackie is narcissistic, and I believe every word that her Chantel said. Chantel’s pain was more about the way Jackie treated her sister than how she was treated. Those kids are hurting! shame on Jackie for her actions up to this day, and shame on Doug for allowing it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kalilah.brown.5 Kalilah Brown

    people are so silly saying that Jackie’s daughter did the right thing. I wonder if you would think so if it was your daughter airing your laundry list. Telling something about you that may not be so wonderful. It saids in the bible to honor your parents not to tell the world that they are no good. It doesnt make it right if your in a bad place or not. You are an adult act like one. There are many of us that would say what they parents may of did that they didnt like but you dont tell the world about it because at the end of the day thats your mother. My mother can do what ever she wants to me but I wouldnt do the same to her because thats my mother who God gave me. Who carried me into her womb for 9 months. Also what about praying asking the Lord to help you and your mother have a better relationship. God can do all things. Thats why you respect your mother and treat her good because she birth you. All of us go though things with our parents that we didnt like. But when you get older you forgive and live your life. What also makes it worst is that she spoke to some one who hated her mother. Thats one of the worst thing a child could do. To do somethng like that also show what kind of person that you are. You no better then that person that hates your mother. SAD
    p.s instead of saying that i am sorry mom for doing what i did, you say at the end of the day she still my mother. Your mother should of text you not any more.. Also shows you dont care about your mother feelings or your mother.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stacey.m.mitchell.9 Stacey M. Mitchell

      No, Chantel took extreme measures so that she could finally be heard. It’s no different from sitting on Oprah’s couch and exposing family secrets. It’s our secrets that kill our spirit. Good job Chantel, I know that was hard, but you did the right thing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stacey.m.mitchell.9 Stacey M. Mitchell

      Oh, and the truth is always freeing…. It may hurt at first, but freedom comes from it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kalilah.brown.5 Kalilah Brown

    Laura seems to me like she needs some kind of help…your grown acting like a child. Move on your an adult. Thats why some adults cant grow up when they are adults because of parents like Laura. They act like kids when they are gown up adults who are still immature. Plus her sister is so wrong. How can you say i am standing by my sister when she is wrong. Thats where immature comes in. If my sister is wrong I am going to tell her thats love. Not telling her she is right when she is abusing someone. That showing you dont know what love is and you are encouraging your sister to get in a serious situation. You dont really know people now a days. When you hurt people that you think you know they may hurt you and come after you in ways that you wouldnt imagine. So Laura sister is hurting her more then loving her. These people have kids and its like they the child.

    • http://twitter.com/KimboMendez Kim Foster Mendez

      exactly right

    • http://twitter.com/KimboMendez Kim Foster Mendez

      exactly right

  • http://www.facebook.com/kalilah.brown.5 Kalilah Brown

    There are times you say im too grown for this…what are you teaching your children?

  • http://twitter.com/KimboMendez Kim Foster Mendez

    WTF laura haven’t learned any thing but how to be a bigger bitch just who the hell does she think she is , her attitude is way to big for her brigettes. she acts like a punk bully, you can take laura out of the ghetto , but you can’t take the ghetto out of laura “HEMAN OF THE JUNGLE” it makes me laugh to hear any of you dissing the other about being proffessional or a lady which none of you are. you ghetto girls just happen to have rich BB player husband and would be back in the ghetto with out them hey just being honest.

  • http://twitter.com/KimboMendez Kim Foster Mendez

    WTF laura haven’t learned any thing but how to be a bigger bitch just who the hell does she think she is , her attitude is way to big for her brigettes. she acts like a punk bully, you can take laura out of the ghetto , but you can’t take the ghetto out of laura “HEMAN OF THE JUNGLE” it makes me laugh to hear any of you dissing the other about being proffessional or a lady which none of you are. you ghetto girls just happen to have rich BB player husband and would be back in the ghetto with out them hey just being honest.

  • http://twitter.com/KimboMendez Kim Foster Mendez

    i’m done watching after this, laura has no business even talking tojackies daughter letalone telling the world about it. the best you can hope for is laura has aleat one child to grow up to be just like her, may be then she’ll get it. one word for laura PATHETIC…


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