Jackie Christie from ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ Drops New Track “Woman of the Year”

Following in the footsteps of other reality show stars who have done music following a little TV show success, Jackie Christie — the loud-mouth, controlling, outspoken, fantasy world living “Basketball Wives L.A.” star you just love to hate (or hate to love) — has dropped a new track called “Woman of the Year.”

Yes, Jackie is definitely referring to herself as “Woman of the Year.” Who else, other than numero uno, would she consider worthy enough to hold that honor?

But it seems as though she’s willing to at least share the spotlight with other hard-working women. “The queen is on the throne, doing what I’m supposed to, All my independent women you in on this toast too,” she raps/sings under the guided direction of auto tune.

Take a listen below:

The track was reportedly recorded in honor of Jackie recently being named “Professional Woman of the Year” by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) for her “outstanding leadership and commitment within her profession.”

We have a feeling this song is going to come up soon on “Basketball Wives L.A.” and we can’t wait to hear what the other ladies have to say about Jackie wanting to be a singer, rapper or whatever.

Until then, enjoy Twitter’s response to Jackie’s sad attempt at a music career:

Doug, come get your wife!

[Necole Bitchie]

  • carmen are

    Jackie C. is insane. Why does she tell total strangers that she loves them? That is super weird. She probably doesn’t have any real friends because she is so phony, evil, and narcissistic. Her husband is an idiot doormat. Does he know Bruce Jenner? They have alot in common. I used to dislike he. But, since I read about what a ruthless color-cnscious mother she is, I detest her


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