“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Star Mimi Faust Goes Off on All Her Haters [VIDEO]

Ring the alarm, Mimi’s been through this too long. And she’ll be damned if she lets another mean-spirited tweet rain on her farm.

In the latest episode of Jermaine Dupri‘s web show, Living the Life, (wait, this is still going on?) “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust gets to mouthing off when JD and Bryan Michael Cox catch up with Stevie J‘s latest baby mama the night that the LHHA reunion aired.

The two producers appear to be superfans of the show as they actually stalk Mimi to discuss the latest events on the show. JD even asks Mimi if there’s gold on the end of Stevie J’s dick implying that he can’t figure out why all these broads are fighting over him.

Coincidentally, many wondered if JD himself had the golden stick because there was no other logical explanation for why Janet Jackson would date a troll like him otherwise. But we digress.

We don’t know if Mimi was drunk but the avalanche of curse words she unleashed in the webisode was a complete 180 from the girl who tries to play it cool and classy every week on LHHA.

“All you motherfuckin’ bitches who talkin’ shit about me and my situation, get the fuck out of here! You act like I’m the only bitch that’s been cheated on, all you motherfuckin’ bitches been cheated on! All y’all!” Mimi hollered.

Whoa. Did the spirit of K. Michelle take over her body there for a hot second?

Watch Mimi go off on a mofo in the video below:

Um. Mimi, the problem isn’t that you were cheated on. The problem is that you were cheated on 1,001 times and you kept going back for more. Then you had the nerve to act like you never saw it coming.

And how are you gonna sign up for a reality show and get mad cause people are talking about your filthy, messy love life when you put the spotlight on it in the first place? Dummy.

But in Mimi’s delusional mind, this is what she sees.

  • Jazzy

    I’m tryna figure out how mimer got herself to this loser dark side mentality. I suspect it has to do with her abandonment issues & she doesn’t want to let go of the one constant thing (steebie) in her life EVEN IF IT ISN’T GOOD FOR HER. So sad. What a waste of a woman. : (

  • Neca

    Damn MiMi where was all this pinned up aggression when you needed to use it on Stevies’ ass! It sad that her dumb ass still doesn’t get it! Sure a majority of women have been cheated on but out of that majority at least 90% had sense enough not to keep dealing with it and going back. You keep using the excuse he’s the father of your child….So what! You both can co parent without being in a relationship gtfoh with bullshit MiMi, and since when did telling the truth become hating?! Who wants to hate on someone as dumb as you are and who constantly allows herself to be disrepected on tv?! You need to take notes out of Erica’s page……when she told Scrappy “Is this how you want your daughter to be treated”? Joseline may have her faults but I like her because she stays true to who she is, she says what she means , walks the walk she talks and doesn’t change anything. She told you, “You dealt with it for 15 years and will continue to do so”. Good luck to you and continue on being stupid and pleas don’t use that excuse because of how you came up and you’re looking for love. Alot of people been in this situation growing without either parent or both but one thin you’re taught when you’re young is right from wrong. You have sense enough to know what Stevie was and conitnues to do is wrong and you still accepted it so stop complaining! I don’t feel sorry for her, if you see a sucka lick it!

  • ReddNuOne

    I 100% AGREE with Neca comment not to mention she has yet to go off on Joseline on anything but i guess it is easy to be gangsta in a circle of dudes and you not in any of those females faces that you are attempting to curse out … why i say attempt is because for you to be so REAL but yet i doubt you would say anything with that type of aggression in a females face… Shiid you dont really even say anything when Stevie is disrespecting you right in your face :) and when you did (waiting until Joseline wasnt around when you was yelling at him) you took him right back but Joseline is a REAL female , yes she does things her way and people may not agree but its her life and from what i have seen so far i dont blame Stevie J for going back to her (We all need a dose of real in our lives) MiMi honestly sit your ass down because Joseline and Stevie J is the only reason why us viewers even mention your name because your the 3rd wheel lol … o and from what i can see your best friend is Lesbian Crushing on you anyway , maybe you should give her a shot :)

  • CutiE Pie

    At first I though Mimi was classy for not going ham on Joseline, but honestly she dumb as hell. She trying to act like she was the victim and stevie j never did her wrong when they were at the reunion. Then trying to say that stevie wasn’t flaunting him and Joseline’s relationship in her face. B!$ch wake up and smell the coffee. And I don’t care how anybody looks at Joseline she is a real ass girl who doesn’t care what anybody think and is the only person who has kept it real 1000% on this show. Mimi say she been with stevie off and on for 15 years but has never cheated with him on someone else. I find that hard to believe! You are no better than anybody else and just like you say you are self sufficient so is Joseline cause she getting her shit done. Even when Joseline shows her respect she act like she is too good…child please. And what makes you think that you have to be with stevie??? You don’t see any of his other baby mamas going to counseling and acting a damn fool. Bitch get you child support and keep it pushing….i mean since you are so damn “self-sufficient”.

  • Mrs. Blue

    I think Mimi has allowed Stevie J to do everything including threesomes involving her, and now she wants a committment from him. Mimi he will never be that guy for you he has lost all respect for you sweetie. Now I will not disrespect you, and I understand how it is when you have gave everything to someone only to get dissapointed. My own mother-n-law told me and I quote ” You will never satisfy a man” end quote. Even though you are going through something always be a lady, because once you lose the respect of being a lady you never get that back. You are in my prayers so stay strong, and this too will pass!!!!!

  • LaLa

    mimi went off on that shit!!!!!….tell em again mimi….mfs need to mind they own fucking business!!!

  • Gdawg07

    So if everybody was letting people kill them I should do the same??? #Confused

  • Most are talkin shit when they are most likely in the same or a similar situation, and know or don’t know — I feel Mimi, even if they were in an open relationship or not, and I understand where she is coming from, that’s how it is sometimes, you cant help who you love, and real friendships are a lifetime, just because your significant other, steps out on you or does other things, at the end of the day, they already became apart of your life, and you just don’t stop loving the person, or stop needing the love & or bond that was created. Most people who say otherwise, or cant understand the situation, really haven’t been in love, needed someone or are in denial

  • Dee

    I think alot of ya’ll don’t undrstand the power of editing these shows they make ya’ll see what a’ll want to see and that’s just real. Look at how tv shows get edited, didn’t you hear Erica said the editing is the thing she didn’t ike about the show, every person that has done one of these shows, say how they don’t know why they do the editing to make things so negative. When Joseline and Stevie filmed MiMi would not know. Tweet Yandy, Olivia, Emily B etc Nene, Kim, Kandi. She do have to have to realize you signed up for and once you saw this finish product be prepare for the social media, and also I might add they show the cast a premier of clips from the show, so they see the full product as we are. Ya’ll need to do ya’ll research I’m not nobody’s fan, I’m just a person who know a lil better because of the type of folks I be around. I stay in New Orleans but I’m an wardrobe assistant on Treme, and trust me you learn some things about editing.

  • sassy

    Mimi why air all ur business for the world to see and expect not to be judged or commented on. Yes i agree that many women have been cheated on but the point is ur still going through it. To many other women those type of relationships r a thing of the past.You chose to stay and stop making ur kid an excuse because you’ve been wit him for 15 yrs ur kid is only 2 lets be real. I feel sorry for ur friend Ariane on the show because she’s clearly loyal and tries to give u advice to no avail. Frankly if i was her i would be tired of listening to ur whinning and have nothing else to say to you. Have some respect for yourself. Stop all that ranting because ur only making yourself look more foolish.

  • sassy

    P.S. i know u like to bash on us folks so i suggest u get started cause it looks like u hav a lot of work ahead of u.

  • Mrekeli Dash

    Mimi needs to have some fucking class cause the way this bitch is acting is so fucking stupid to the way i had looked up to her as a lady. She talking bout all u motherfuckers have been cheated on but hell yeah we don’t stay around like ur ass once we find out that shit though. By the way I don’t even understand why the fuck ur ass chose to put ur life in the spotlight then when the consequence of doing that bites ur ass u talkin bout people need to mind their business, then bitch get the fuck off reality tv cause that’s what it does- PUTS UR LIFE IN PUBLIC. The energy u displaying now u need to direct that towards ur matey, that’s what the fuck u need to do dumby. By the way u making a fucking asshole of urself. Smh.

  • beautiful

    I still love her she jusf telling the truth….

  • Mimi is a fool

    She sounds like a real idiot. The woman that’s been cheated on that she referenced, “celebrity, fat, skinny, famous” and whoever else, the primary difference is that they LEFT dumbass! Halle Berry – left. Sandra Bullock – left. Ciara – left. Ali Landry – left. Justin Timberlake (although not female) – left Britney and on and on. They didn’t go on TV crying the blues about it and acting all hurt. They didn’t drag their cheating/lying mate (and I use that term loosely bc all he is to you is a babby daddy frankly) to therapy withe mistress! So if you’re tired of people talking, be grown woman about your shit and WALK AWAY. Stop crying over spilled milk. Stevie is a jerk and obviously he is not changing for you. If 14 years doesn’t tell you that, then you deserve to be old, mad and bitter. And that’s what you look like here, old and bitter. You did as well on the reunion show too. Why you mad? Cause your boo cheating on you? Lol. Are you serious?!!

  • maryrivers20@gmail.com

    mImi has to learn how to love and respect her self….If and when she decides to do that she will not tolerate Anyone DISRESPECTING HER FOR ANY REASON AT all!! She knows that she is being weak and stupid for allowing this. She really just don’t understand the power she holds. Stevie really does love her. He just don’t know how much because shes never done anything to challenge it. The last thing that Stevie wants is for her to REALLY walk away. A man knows when you love them, but you are hurt. They also know when its not about the other women or you loving someone else, you JUST DON”T WANT THEM ANYMORE!! If she ever turns into a women scorn I feel for Stevie and JOCELYN because its going to hurt him like hell and he’s going to resent the hell out of Jocelyn……..Time will tell.


  • yoooo mimi went IN! lololol Even though she did reality tv, I can’t justify her NOT getting upset when every person in world seems to have an opinion. And to be honest, the fact the she wasnt on TV making a damn fool of herself by FIGHTING and screaming, throwing drinks, flipping tables, that just makes me like her more. She talked to the only person that she shoulda talked to…and thats stevie. Not every hoe hes been diggin in on the side. MORE women need to handle their business that way. And as mouthy as Joseline was to her…I cant even say that I wouldnt have eventually went off and punched her in the face. But Mimi…like Kenya Moore, is a hopeless romantic. And she is willing to be a fool for love, not that its always smart, but its better then being a fool for violence.