MUSIC VIDEO: Rasheeda ft. Kandi Burruss – “Legs to the Moon”

When you’ve spent so many years losing, do you still recognize fail when it hits your senses? In “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Rasheeda‘s case, the answer must be no, because after recording this snoozefest that the ’90s left behind about a man “sending her legs to the moon,” she actually decided to record a video to accompany it.

Problem number 1 is the fact that Rasheeda’s not really sexy.

She might pass for cute, in a very Pound Puppy kind of way on certain days in the right light when the full moon is out and the Earth’s axis tilts a little the left. But she’s definitely no Kim Kardashian.

Kandi of Xscape and Real Housewives of Atlanta fame got roped into this tragedy too.

Since Rasheeda’s been in Atlanta for damn near half a century, she knows pretty much any and everyone affiliated with the music industry in the city.

Kandi won’t say no either, because let’s face it, as long as the person’s cutting a check, she’ll collaborate with anybody. We figured that out when she dressed up Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy for the Party.”

You already know D-Lo records is on a dollar-store budget, so see if you can spot how many corners were cut in Rasheeda’s video for “Legs to the Moon.”

Rasheeda couldn’t afford a male model as her love interest?

She’s just gonna slick her husband Kirk down in baby oil as if he’s a tantalizing beefcake for her female fans?

Who told her the black Mr. Clean was a panty dropper?

Rasheeda would’ve been better off licking up and down on Momma Dee at this rate.

Aunt Deb is so right. D-Lo is the common denominator of fail in Rasheeda’s stale career. This joint is gonna go triple dust on iTunes (Take note of the single cover that looks like she did a photoshoot with her BlackBerry)

SIDENOTE: Kandi, you a little too thick for that bathing suit. Wear stuff that flatters your shape. That joint had your legs looking thick and stumpy like sausage links.

  • Jessica

    Whoever did this article sounds like a hater. This is the best video by Rasheeda that she has done, I’ll admit some of her other videos suck but this one is cool, and I thought that having her husband in the video was sweet. She did right, especially after what they have been through. We need to celebrate black love; not tear it down -dang!

    • TheWanandOnly

      I agree!

  • Screw who ever wrote this article. Rasheeda is beautiful as f..k. What make Kim kardashian better? What because Kim is prefabricated.. Gtfoh.. N why Have a male model when u can have your husband. Hate is alive and kicking.

  • lol awww Rasheeda’s three whole fans came out to support her on this article that’s so cute. Listen this song and the video is a hot mess and while I am all for black love her music is still a non factor and she should just give it up and do something else. Honestly who’s checking for a rasheedha record in 2012? No damn body stop trying to act like someone is fact of the matter is music doesn’t sell the way it used to and if you over a certain age and you didn’t have a built in fan base before you cooled off then forget about getting it cracking now. It’s just not happening so lets all stop pretending that this is a young girl because that’s not her target audience who is she making this music for? I don’t know anyone in they 30’s or beyond that is buying into anything rasheedha is putting out as her music I wouldn’t even have known of Rasheedha had she not done Love and Hip Hop. Not being a hater just running down the facts at the end of the day her movement is nonexistent and irrelevant and so is the noise she makes. Feel however you want about it but that’s the truth.

  • summer

    Right y would u as a writer write something so cruel and discouraging smdh

  • I don’t like the sexual content of the song, but Rasheeda is beautiful. Candi Burress is annoying voice wise and talks only about sex so no surprise there…

  • 1st Every time Candy looked up when singing she looked like she was about to have a seizure…It was very disturbing to watch…& Everything that was said about Rasheeda in this article was true…