MUSIC VIDEO: Mariah Carey ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross – “Triumphant”

MUSIC VIDEO: Mariah Carey ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross – “Triumphant”

People say Mariah Carey is a diva full of nothing but ego, but we have to say that it definitely takes a humble spirit to make yourself a guest star on your own song.

That’s essentially what Mariah pulls off in her “Triumphant” video, which focuses largely on Meek Mill and Rick Ross, decked out in the most luxurious fur coat we might add, while Mimi literally sits by the ringside the whole time.

But even though Mimi makes a few cameo appearances throughout the video, there are touches of Mariah all over. She has her trusty wind machine on deck for starters. And she tried to bring back a few of her looks from her “Honey” video. But you can’t be mad at the mother of two for showing off her sexy bawdy.

Watch the video for Mariah’s new single below:


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