Raven Symone Heats Up the Summer 2012 Issue of Heed Magazine

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That right there is Raven Symone! And she looks absolutely stunning on the cover Heed Magazine’s Summer 2012 issue, where she talks about her leading role in Broadway’s critically acclaimed musical “Sister Act” and her work with Merk’s “Plan It Forward” campaign.

She has been a star since the tender age of 3, and now, at 26, Raven Symone has evolved into one of Hollywood’s premiere actresses, and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

“I have plans for my personal life and I have plans for my career,” she says, “I just know that there’s more to life…I’m not curing cancer, those people are way more important than I—I’m just here to make you smile.”

For more on Raven, check out the full issue, which will hit newsstands (and will also be available online) on Tuesday, July 10th.

  • shhhimbatman

    she’s not THAT bright is she?

    • lulu

      wth!? ignorant ass comment.

    • shhhimbatman

      wow, seems ppl are downvoting thinking I’m being ignorant. My original comment is actually a shot at the magazine which appears to have lightened her up for the cover. wouldn’t be the first time a magazine has done that to a beautiful black woman. She’s a beautiful yellowbone sista, but here she’s approaching 90’s era Michael Jackson.

  • Eat_My_Pussy_2xx

    lmaooooo bitches

  • she seems like a nice, real person to me

  • Suzie Q

    I think Raven Symone looks AMAZING! Very happy for her!

    • dammy


  • Suzie Q

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  • JacQuie

    She looks fabulous. She has always been attractive at all of her ages ,thus far and I am sure she will continue to be attractive. She is smart and has a very positive attitude about life.

  • I love Raven she funny and beautiful. And the best thing about her is that unlike some other actresses she never does anything stupid. Even thou she lived with Lohan she has never been seen in doing drugs or getting drunk, her career might not be as huge thou but shes defetnetly a role model.

  • LOLL

    raven symone…say wutt? yeupp.

  • bob

    i cant belive she changed

  • daintytoocute! edwards

    she looks really nice but idk what the hell miley cyrus did her new hair cut doesn’t looks good
    raven u look stunning

  • Roiyar

    Hi Five gurl…. do you!!!!!!

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  • destiny

    I lobed when she was on that’s so raven

  • destiny


  • Mitri Montana

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  • Nick

    I’ve always liked Raven. She’s hot. Even before she lost weight, I liked her.