MUSIC VIDEO: Katy Perry – “Wide Awake”

Pop songstress Katy Perry has released what some are calling a “dark & mythical” video for her new music single “Wide Awake.”

Perry debuted the song back in May at the Billboard Awards, and many critics said that the lyrics referred to her split with her now ex-husband Russell Brand.

WATCH: Katy Perry Performs “Wide Awake” at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards

She says in the song’s lyrics:

“I’m wide awake. I was in the dark, I was falling hard with an open heart. How did I read the stars so wrong. I was dreaming for so long. I wish I knew then what I know now. I wouldn’t dive in, I wouldn’t bow down.”

The “Part of Me” singer said of the video in an interview with MTV, “It’s kind of like coming down from a high. You’ve been on cloud nine for so long and it can’t always be so sweet and sometimes you need to realize that. You have to pick yourself up and move forward and face the facts of life and know that this is just a lesson you learn and you’re stronger because of it.”

Watch below:

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