“Alternative rapper” Kreayshawn reveals in the latest issue of GQ Magazine something most people who know her should already know by now: She’s bisexual.

But what you probably don’t know is how she describes her form of bisexuality. Read the following excerpt from the interview below:

There’s a music video from before she was famous called “Online Fantasy”: Kreayshawn’s in a sheer lace robe when a soft-looking girl wearing a bra apparates through her laptop screen and they commence kissing and heavy petting. It’s all wonderfully self-serious and terrible, not to mention lit like a laser-tag palace.

(Kreay told me she is bisexual, but not that bisexual: “I’m, like, a person who likes love. And I can find love in any type of person. I’ve dated girls and I’ve liked girls. But they’re usually straight girls, so it never works out. I mean, I’m not that gay, so I don’t have the energy to convince someone else to be gay, you know?”)


What the f**k is she talking about?!?