Nicki Minaj Before She Was “Nicki Minaj” [VIDEO]

Before Nicki Minaj became the big star she is today, the Young Money rapper appeared to be an ordinary chick with some very nice rap skills.

In some old video footage from the “Come Up” DVD series….aPre-Barbie Minaj spits a “Dirty Money” freestyle and pays homage to Lil Kim and Foxy Brown.

Peep it below:

So who do you like better…….New Nicki or Old Nicki?

Tell us below!

  • Marykate

    Old Nicki!!!

  • Pksra

    This beats the Grammy performance any day.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looked better BEFORE SHE WAS FAMOUS. this fame done brought out the inner lady gaga in her and it aint right for a Black chick from Harlem to have an “inner lady gaga” but thats what she do got, lol

    • Natashakamanga

      nicki has her own style,lady gaga is just a frick

    • swagg100

      but nicki sometimes copies lady gaga. SOMETIMES.

    • Ialreadyhaveone

      She’s from Queens not Harlem

    • Babygirl123

      it is still in new york and its around the same area

    • baby girl you stupid harlem n queens is two different places and no they not in the same area

    • khaat

      see i hate this ish, that because one is black you can’t have an inner lady gaga- why the conformist bs? i hate that. i’ve had to deal with that as an Afro-Caribbean woman and I can’t stand it! I don’t have to live in a pre-conceived box to “be” Black!

    • Thank-you. I totally agree.

  • Cierraclrk

    deffinently old because now i cant stand to listen to her just yell and scream about watever. if she would of just stayed in her own body instead of jump into a barbie like figure that makes her look like she incecure and has low self asteam then she could of repersented all young black girls. it seems like shes in it for the guys and the feeling of being loved and wanted just for sex then in the game and feeling like a female icon …..and this is coming from a fourteen year old in high school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i shouldnt feel that to get wat i want in life (ex,money , fame, and friends ) that i shouldnt change my body and sleep with weezy and drizzy…ill rather go to scool..
    fb:cierra clark

    • Ace

      one thanh i got to say bout this fake chic i that shhe is a dumb azz for making her self so fake why not be yoself is she is then thatz just fake she just should go back where she came from cuzz to me she dont make no good songs the only thing she rap about is sex money and dumb other sh1t na 2pac datz whatz up and lil kim gone mess her fake azz up

    • Natashakamanga

      so what if you dont like her,is it becaus you dont got swag.nicki is better than lil kim cause she dont got swag 

    • no way nicki will ever be better than kim she will always be the copy

    • Hey_girl

      she doesnt only write bout sex!

    • Grapes


    • Flora

      Kids, learn how to f#@king spell!!! I can’t understand anything of what you just wrote! :| 

      And you Grapes, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO WRITE LIKE THIS?! IT FEELS LIKE YELLING OR THAT YOU’RE MAD ABOUT SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL, ARE YOU MAD?????????!?!?!?! Ok, jokes aside: if you really want make a good statement, bring good arguments. Jeez, people like you make me want to become an Atheist! *massive facepalm*

    • Sadly being yourself does not sell records look at lil wayne. He is went from being a regular dude from Louisana to a fake blood, rock and roll rapper and now a skate boarder? He is anything but real but people have to get whatever image that sells during that time. So saying Nikki should have just been herself shows you do not know this fake industry.

    • Breezy

      So you’re saying the answer to success is to change who you are for some fake shit like fame and money? Smh… That’s whats wrong with the world now…

    • Yes, change your looks style and maybe even your way of thinking. There is very positive about the entertainment industry and you will have to alter yourself in many ways to appeal. Record labels won’t even promote you if you don’t have the “right image”. If a person has morals and wants to be themselves, chose another field becAuse the entertainment industry is not for tou

    • You don’t remember Deon Sanders one song must be the money? In this industry you have to change pretty much everything about yourself since no one pays to see you but an image. This is why there is very little positive artists in the industry since record labels won’t put out artists being themselves and not fitting what ever image they are trying to sell. I feel this is a bad thing about the industry but it is what it is. Had nicki Minaj stayed the way she was look and even rapping wise she would have never blown up becUse its about a gimmick and images these days. Many many talented artists out there but they will never blow because according to the labels, they don’t have the right look or image

    • Other than the tattoo fad, he hasn’t physically altered his body to appeal to the opposite sex or to compete. He evolve over time, discovering new things about himself. Unfortunately he has become an “honorary” blood, but again that’s not a physcial change to feel better about himself, or maybe it does make him feel better. However, he can choose not to rep blood at any time. Nikki, however could have been as artificial as she chose without physically altering her body. That’s something COMPLETELY different. It’s just a cover for how she truly feels about herself.

    • Other than the tattoo fad, he hasn’t physically altered his body to appeal to the opposite sex or to compete. He evolve over time, discovering new things about himself. Unfortunately he has become an “honorary” blood, but again that’s not a physcial change to feel better about himself, or maybe it does make him feel better. However, he can choose not to rep blood at any time. Nikki, however could have been as artificial as she chose without physically altering her body. That’s something COMPLETELY different. It’s just a cover for how she truly feels about herself.

    • Lil Wayne didn’t physically change how he looks becuse that’s not typically the expectation of men in entertainment. They usually don’t have to look a certain way to get a head in that industry and is why say Nicki Minaj gets plastic surgery but not Lil Wayne. At the same time Lil Wayne has not “evolved” or discovered himself like you said. He just jumped on the band wagon of whatever new fad was out so he can stay relevant. Honorary blood? Lol no such thing to real g’s and like I said being a gang member was popular then so he threw some money around so he can be down.

    • Hey_girl

      ummm….. shes not just in it for the boys drake asked her out and she sed no! and you can do betta rapping than her???? no i didnt think so!

    • jazzyboohanks

      truth dat dat is truth i like both of them

    • i know kim can do better rapping lol if they would have been in the game at the same time lil kim woulda murdered her a long time ago!

    • artist_formally_known_as_cWj

      (bowing in respect)

    • venusvillz

      the question is “do you like nicki minaj before or after?” The old nicki was broke. This new nicki can now provide for her family at a level most people on the earth can’t. so i like new nicki.

    • Even though what you are saying is true as being a role model for black girls, sadly the industry is not promoting or selling music for average looking black girls even if they are extremely talented. All the talented people in our communties can not get a record deal, its all about over the top looks these days so I can’t black Nikki. Had she not done this to herself people would have not supported her. Thats why there is hardly any female rappers now.

    • Dani


  • Jphotos

    the HUMBLE OLD Nicki

    • Natashakamanga

      she is just trying to intertain

  • Bigizzyt

    Old Nicki!!!

  • diva_ellesse

    old nicki, but u know what at the end of the day shes a performer and shes good at what she does like it or not shes gettin money, shes everywhere, hate it or love it shell be around for awhile i think

  • Yazzynmya605

    Now I can not lie, I love love love most or rather some of her music that she has out today and off her first album but I like her style much much better in this videos and other videos much more tehn her image that she is trying to portray now. Not only is it fake to me but it is OUTRAGEOUS and I really do not think that this is who she is. She is just trying to shock people which ofcourse can and obviously for her is good for “money” reasons but, sometimes it is definitely too much. So I would have to say I would prefer her prior to her becoming famous she seems more real and down to earth in her before fame raps and video footage.

  • Preciousharmson

    new nicki o old nicki i still love her she looked cute in the video, she showed the real her starting from the beging and i will keep on loveing the best nicki minaj

    • “loveing her”? Please learn how to spell. Thanks.

    • Fredericmichaels

      You spelled “LOVEING” wrong….lol

  • Natashakamanga

    it dose’nt mater if nicki has changed alot ,i still adore her .   p .s ,i am nicki’s number 1 fun,my favorite song is moment for life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pieface 1999

    Ohh for sure old she looked wary prettier now everything about her looks fake!!

  • Knbdeja


  • BeyEZae

    old new whatever been garbage still garbage

    • been bad!!

      hell naw nigga nicki been through alot and she made her way to riches. you can stfu and eat a dick and im not being racist but she sounds better to most black people.

    • Jdeserteag

      that btch is trash … u got no clue bout real hip hop buddy…… die…

    • Yeah cause “i’ll do you and your momma too” is the only real hip hop

  • sank_26

    The old nicki sounds better!!

  • Cassie

    i like her natural beauty better.

  • Donica_mitchem75

    I like her, but she is really weird sometimes. After watching the above clip as the old Nikki, I think that she was really pretty then, not that she isn’t now , but maybe she should go back to the way she use to look.I also think that she should go back to the way she rapped in that clip. Nikki can be a bit much comming out the speaker’s sometime sounding and acting like a damn robot.

  • Lyssa

    damn what happend to her ????? OLD NICKI COME BACK !

    • Guest

      nd she said look at the state of hiphop . . . nd look how she doin it !

  • luckydaboss

    OLD NICKI, definitely. 

  • Tescideskidal82

    I still do not see why people say she has hot flows. . .maybe it is the age thing because listening to her in this video became boring, she said nothing of greatness and repeated herself a few times. I guess the new generation like this kind of music so Kudos to her from going from this video to where she is now. 

    • Bigboss3634

      wtf is wrong with you the shit she says now atleast makes sense you don’t know anything and its not the new generation that likes the old version….if you like the new version of her then you are a simple minded fuck who get entertained by lots of colors and lights

  • BewilderedBug

    I actually think I prefer the original (old) – she’s just too…fake … in the new Nicki.

  • Nbprissyrissy

    At the same time, the “fake” Nicki is loved by so many. So what does that say about this world and her fans. I mean, keep it 100! Would she have as many fans as she does now, if she didn’t add on the ass, tits, and make up? Probably not. Those are the only type of celebrities that these men sweat, and chicks look up to. Keep it real! Yeah, she was cute before, and she is one of the best female rappers of all time, but she did what she felt she had to do to grab the attention of her fan. Was she not successful?  

    • Babygirl123

      yeah tht is true but do you want ur child to look up to sumone cuz the way they look

    • Babyjen222

      I love Nicki….but keep it real! No one said they want their child to look up to old Nicki or new Nicki because no parent wants to hear their child cursing…etc. Besides artist didn’t sign up to be role models…they are money makers…just enjoying life and making money. Stop making them out to be more than what they are…Entertainers!

    • Leelee716

      Thats soo true, thats what people need to understand like yeah old nicki was good but soo underrated n she did what she had to do to make money, who doesnt wana make millions doing something they love? and its not really up to you who your child looks up to its their decision, im young myself and i obviously am not stupid enough to look up to nicki for her big butt n big tits but i do look up to her in the way that she was determined and made her dream come true and she didnt settle for good she went for the best.

    •  I think she would, I mean if they some real fans hell yea…I liked her when she first came out but now she fake and nothing like this video.

  • Isntthatniceofu

    Wow, ppl talking bout her like she really two diff people huh? That’s fucked up. 
    Same person. I just hope she don’t pull her hair back and go back to dykin’. God bless her.
    -The Sophistiquette

    • yeah i don’t get the way people are acting about this.

      she looks and sounds the same, and she even mentions her “barbie” thing IN THIS OLD VIDEO.

      ok, so she got some surgical enhancement, EXTREMELY common in the entertainment biz………

      does that change every single thing about her talents or her personality? she’s a totally different person now? cuz she seems like the same damn person to me. look at the reality in front of your face and stop getting so caught up in all these simple-minded concepts that you try to fit everybody into.

  • DancetilForeverEnds

    Old Nicki… she’s way prettier in my opinion. Although, I think the less makeup, the more beautiful a girl is.

  • Zelsberry_p

    old then it was like she was real now it is like she is acting  or being someone she is not

  • azealia banks!!!

  • Rad12lover

    loved it, she had talent back then.

  • Cutie13708

    I think Nicki is great at what she does. I watch this video and It great and she continues to improve and become better. I know people think she’s a fake and say she shouldn’t have changed herself but its none of there business what she wants to do with herself. As long as she continues to be herself and keeps it real she’ll always have me as a fan who will always cheer for her. Thanks Nicki!

  • Kalebkadafi

    actually….to be honest she look better before. natural good skin tone nice lips. skills seem on point then and now so, now i guess she can spit about clean money ….

  • Summerlovesmommy

    I think shes the same just better make up and clothes shes awesome no matter what :D 

  • Bee_on_deck

    i like the old nicki because the new nicki thinks that she is better then everbody thants not famouse but she got to look back and see that she wasshe was not fasmou her hole life but still i am her fan nd always will be ilu nicki

    #team nicki

  • Car Insurance

    Either way… she’s a stupid hoe

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  • Kai

    She ,looked the same, she just looks more polished now that’s all. As for her rapping skills. Yeah her content was better beforehand because she was underground… that’s just common knowledge smh! 

  • Wow…. what happend

  • Markjunior POW*POW*

    There is no difference in the new Nikki and Onika he is the same person she is being her full self and not carrying what other ppl think u guys really need to do your research before you judge. Yeah she has her songs the don’t really mean anything because they r for entertainment but then she has other singe that of u listen u here the message. This woman is strong and powerful and a great role Modle showing is to be who u r and the best of it no matter what ppl got to say. I’m mean look at her she in the rap and the pop game and she only doin that because there is more to her the what ppl want to see or want her to be! You guys should reall listen to the press conference at the end or her new album and see where she came form and a little more insite of who this woman really is!

  • She’s just as crazy as Lady Gaga they are both ridiculous.

    • swagg100

      hell yea. nothin like before they were famous :) i wonder what they were like before………..

  • Old nicki all day long. Like that was her the real queen from queens. She would have been a real role model this way verses the barbie way. I mean she could still do he barbie thing but how a real chicc suppose to be though. She was hood but still a lady about hers though, and thats the kind of mcee I like and can see my daughter looking up to. Not someone that went from normal to getting surgery to make herself look like something, thats making little girls believe that they need to change they look to be someone. I’m just saying…Old Nicki was real and never screamed or yelled to get her point across.

  • G money

    u the shit baby they haters u doing it and they at home on a cpu watching u

  • Old Nicki. The new Nicki looks like a clown and should be seen in a carnival or circus, her choice.

    • QueenyayaDhaBoss24

      i agree…..

  • TravelUS

    she is a fembot. she is hot. old and new. Go lil miss Minaj

  • donsurez92

    she said whats happening to hiphop but then she just fell into that pop group you wrote boom boom boom boom bang , boom boom boom boom bang. its not that serious ? let me say hi to you now!

  • I love her no matter how she looks. Thx Nicki. You never gave up on your dreams. Way to go!

  • Nycalabria

    definitely knew nikky if she didn’t make that transition to dance music she would be the same as foxy and lil kim!!!  but she took a different turn by teaming up with david guetta it made her world famous that’s what every artist wants is to be known for there song to be #1 in every country that’s what makes money..  i’m sure she is the same nikky but with a lot more money than lil kim and foxy could ever count..   I’M sure that her album is #1 even on Mars. lol

  • sasha

    she never changed i still love her

  • Shes a Clown now…she should join the circus …thats not HipHop anymore that BS..!!!!!!!!
    she needs to stop being a Bratz Doll and get back to real HipHop!  and being BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bliss

    omg now that is scary ?

  • bliss

    im saying omg to the transformation but its ok. she reinvented herself. dont we all.
    much love nicki.. do yo thang:)

  • AJ2449

    She was sweet and adorable… 
    But at 2:20 I had to FF through that rap.. I just couldn’t take no more !!

  • Grimm Milken

    Just like Bey. Nicki keeps getting lighter and Whiter. Makeup/skin bleach/wigs/weaves.. Whatever happened to Black is beautiful? I read somewhere that she was part East Indian now? They have to totally lose their identity to progress? Why can’t these women just become a better version of themselves instead of trying to erase/lose who they really are? None of them have the class and style that Diana Ross has. She’s always been Diana. From the very beginning the Supremes all had class/style and natural beauty.

    • Taylor

      I completely agree its as if the media has brain washed them and made them believe that looked black is a sin or something. Its a shame that most black celebritys bleach there skin and get nose jobs to look more European and etc!! Thats not a necessity to being/feeling beautiful!!

    • amanda

      true dat. black is and will always be beautiful. respect dat

    • Anna

      Look more European? You mean White. Well there are many lighter skinned races with straight hair in the World – why you have to focus on European/Whites? Orientals are very light skinned, small nosed and silky haired. Stop the anti-white hating – whites get a bad time in the media too. In films and TV we are always the serial killer, always the murderer, always the paedophiles, always the evil ones, always the racists, always the bad guys, always the sluts, always the bitches, always the back-stabbers, always the idiots, always the bullies. And always pressurised to be tanned or else our white skin is criticised as ugly. Now think again about Media brainwashing, think about who really owns the Media (it isn’t white people even though they almost look white now from intermarrying with whites) and see who it targets and who it doesn’t target. There’s more to this than you think.

    • basschick44

      She was so much prettier before all the make up and hair products… It makes me sad to think how society has changed. So many people aren’t happy with their bodies, so they practically become made of plastic.

    • J Evans

      Part East Indian “now”? Nicki Minaj was born in Trinidad and Tobago, where half the population is Black and the other Indian. In T&T they call that racial mix “Dougla”. Nicki’s birth name is Onika Miraj. Her Indian mix is no claim, it is very much true. In regards to all the fakeness, you are spot on. I loved her before she was known, before all the barbie nonsense. How I miss Lauryn Hill, now that is a black woman who is a perfect and natural black queen!

  • Grimm Milken

    I forgot to mention the beautiful Whitney Houston and the fabulous/beautiful Donna Summers. I could go on and on. I just think it’s a shame that Black women today are degrading themselves this way. There’s nothing wrong with Black skin. I wish some of these celebrities were called out and made to respect who they are and be proud of themselves and their Black skin and natural hair. Stop supporting and celebrating these phonies and call them out. It’s degrading to young girls coming up. Think about who/what your promoting please people.
    Yes! I realize that White people tan. But you know it’s not the same and that’s not my point. It goes much deeper than just trying to look healthy/good.

    • Angie

      Why is it always black women degrade themselves… blah, blah, blah. Maybe if you ask why are women degraded… People always put black women on the spot. Tell society to stop degrading this group. Many women degrade themselves, are superficial, or are made up with lots of make up and fake hair. Give more credit to the black women of today instead of paying more attention to the garbage.  

  • Melody

    i love the old her

  • i love nikkki err body just keeps hating on her because she is GOERGOUSE [how ever you spell that]….but any ways all you guys that hate on nikki are dumb haha love you nikki <3

    • We are dumb, but you can’t spell gorgeous correctly….okay

    • Tylaicha

      shut the fuck up with that.

    • guest

      ha ha, so it’s fine to not be able to spell a simple word like gorgeous but to have you’re own opinion…now that’s dumb. Get some priorities.

    • Akinsolatm

       That’s cruel.Gosh!Her name’s not even English,can u spell ‘gorgeous’ in Spanish,Mr ‘undumb’?Put your  dumb self in other people’s shoes b4 making unreasonable comments!

    • KC

      I think you mean ‘”your own opinion,” not “you’re.”  Speaking of dumb.

    • Punkination

      only one dumb is you who can’t spell gorgeous

  • Jaydia

    It’s nice to hear Nikki speak without the fake accent. Love the real her!

  • i like both nicki’s

  • Mimi

    i think both nicki’s are great i like both but like old nicki a little bit more



    • Actually she’s black/asian

    • Angie

      black is black

    • christiana

      no matter how she try to be white it always stays black in the heart because that is the way god created her

    • What does trying to be white even mean. I’ve been accused of trying to “be white” before but I’d rather be myself any day than try to “act black.”

    • swagg100

      true chizz<3

    • Lex

      Actually she’s Trinidadian…

    • swagg100


    • no her father is indian and black

    • Taylor

      Meaning basically shes black…It doesnt matter if her dad is indian and black. Her dad is mixed not her! That means shes black. If you took at what your parents/grandparents were then 95% of black ppl in the US would be mixed. Shes basically an African American. I don’t claim to be mix because when it all comes down to it im basically black.

    • Unknown

      Mixed is mixed. If her dad is mixed, then so is she. That’s how DNA works.

    • swagg100

      yepp I agree :) nicki and nobody can change that…

    • christiana

      well that is about most of the stars they want to be white.

    • swagg100

      nooo! part asian

  • She is the same nicki minaj shes just having fun, maybe her next album/mixtape she gonna might bring that side back in.. I love both sides of her of timeline wise , I think if she could spit the type of verses she spat when she was underground and look how she looks now then im up for it!
    I love all of her songs and idgaf what ppl think, she has talent if she can have fun and not gaf.on her 2nd album out. Obviously shes a bad bitch!
    Aint shit changed about her but when ur famous u have way more responsibilities!

  • Chris B

    Both old and New Suck how do you compare shit with shit? I can see the future is in the hands of tone deaf morons who really think she is talented. Wow

  • Mjack777

    Come on people…lets be real here. Can a brother get real up in here? The “New” Nicki doesn’t even compare to the “old” Nicki. Its like comparing the ’92 Dream team to the 2012 (7-WIN) Wizards! “Old Nicki” seems like a Rhodes scholar classy Beauty queen compared to the Barnum and Bailey SELL-OUT Circus-Freak I see in the videos nowadays. game over man.

  • jazzyboohanks

    i like the new nicki but it is better if she waz the old nicki tell u the truth it is hard and i like all of her music

  • jazzyboohanks

    y is every body hateing on her yall act like yall even better

  • jasmine

    – i Meann Shee STILL Looked Thee Sameee Bhudd i Likke BOTH Lookss Sooo Umm Yeahh i Lovee Youu Nicki Im Yoo Number Onee FAN MUAH :))


  • Neicey

    NEW and OLD!!!! you gotta give it to her… Everything you see on TV is just “Entertainment” thats all. We all have our Barbie moments. I mean c’mon “she not cocky, shes just Good at what she do” ..hahaha Love it Just respect REAL RAP

  • an

    I just cannot figure out how Drake can be with her….without make up she si very ugly…

  • jaz

    She has the same base flow, she added better cadence/breath control. That comes with a record label that decides you’re profitable (in 2010+). Only difference from chicks who rapped back in the 90’s and before. Rap wasn’t viewed as much of a viable market yet. Master P, Baby, J Prince and them showed you could still get money, and get it BIG! With Nick, it just that she’s been marketed at a different level, for a MUCH LARGER fan base – for MUCH more money earning potential. The money men saw that young, hungry, Queens, NY spitter in that video and put movement behind what was already there. Period. I’m sure they are sleeping quite well with that decision right now.

  • jaz

    Once people realize that what moves this world, I think people will be less surprised/confused at what they see/hear happening in this entertainment business.

  • jaz

    “Once people realize that what moves this world..
    ETA: **IS MONEY (and power) — by any means necessary**
    …I think we will be less surprised/confused at what they see/hear happening in this entertainment business.”

  • Clearheaded

    She has absolutely nothing of importance to say, like 99% of Black Rappers.

  • 44

    She’s a niggger any way you look at it…

  • NuNu

    old Nicki for sure!

  • amber51788

    I like the old Nicki better but she branded herself so hey she doing it big her way. I aint mad at her!

  • Nicole..

    I think she’s the same person. I don’t necessarily like all the plastic surgery..but most of the time a person need a little more than a good flow or a beautiful voice to make it mainstream. The whole barbie image, the screaming, talking crazy, the banging body, all of that..that was her gimmick. That’s what made heads turn. That’s what made her stand out and still be able to showcase her talent. People love her because she is different. She’s new. She is raw. Don’t let the studio beat in the back fool you. And don’t let the hating consume you. Nicki Minaj is undeniably good at what she does. Why do you think she’s one of the hottest? Plus, I have no doubt that she can still spit ill like as if she was on the streets of Harlem..actually, she still do..just more professionally!. Haven’t nothing really changed about that girl…she just got upgraded.

  • Adriana Alejandra

    And she killed hip hop’ like Hell Nah give it up..



    • Only surgery she has had is butt implants. She has naturally high cheek bones as you can see so thats natural. Her hair and eye lashes are fake but so what its a custom really so what other surgeries you talking about? No nose job only butt job and I think she may have had some work on a breasts but can’t knock her for that, most women even those who work out don’t have perfect breast implant type breast naturally.

    • hiphop816

  • christiana

    it does not matter how she look outside what matter is what is inside her heart.damn nicki is fake.

  • ChemX

    Old Nicki!!!!

  • salma

    this is the rapper u call nicki minaj

  • venusviilz

    the question is “do you like nicki minaj before or after?” The old nicki was broke. This new nicki can now provide for her family at a level most people on the earth can’t. so i like new nicki.

  • I’d take the old Nicki… I kno hollywood got pressure out the ass so she prob felt pressure to run to a surgeon, but she was good the way she was. natural always best

  • moneymika

    she look so different almost better and more natural

  • Barbie

    I love Nicki Minaj either way shes an minted rapper and looks pure stunnin’. She’s swnd and aww yeez who hink yeez are better guess wit …? Yer No so gtf and let Nicki be who she wants tae be cause yeez aww judge her shes a fuckin legend and yeez aw need tae be telt ! So take the hint Nicki only loves her Barbz so if yer no wan then fuck off (Y)! Aye thats rite i told yeez the truth now dont say anyhink bad about Nicki again cause shes better than use and shes no black so stop being racist ya bunch ae munters !

  • i love her just the way she is. i dont care whats she wears

  • I like boff Nickis

  • Iemaine

    Either way she is still good. Its her deal if she wanted to get surgery she looks good and is unique. people can learn a lot from that

  • i say the old nicki. The rap game is so fucked right now that it seems like it won’t never be right, ever again. Hadn’t she stay her old self she would have been way better than she is right now.

  • Sam

    OMG… she is awesoeme…. the only difference now is that she has money….. and because shes not 16 anymore…..

  • madukes

    I think I liked the old Nicki better She sounded more down to earth and more genuine. I also think she looked alot better without all the extras, but that just goes to show you how money can change you!

  • Lekan Idowu

    i like both of them

  • She looks and sounds so different but I know young money basically groomed her into this sort of character they wanted. Unfortunately these days the industry does not care about skills or average Janes so the made her into what they believe they could sell. Plus its weird enough to match lil Waynes weird new style since the old school ganster/hood style rape is outdated. Even though I don’t like hearing Nikki take about “those nappy headed hoes, black gorilla looking or fat” black women which she needs to stop, I respect her hustle. Sticking with Fendi she would have ended still broke in Queens so I definitly give her big props for being successfulll.

  • nikki

    cant stand nicki minaj. eurgh. and she looks like a misproportioned doll

  • Candi Simone

    That was a good flow and she hasn’t changed much. Alot more make-ep with more drama to her rhymes!!

  • pim pim

    its her body, her life, let she do whatever she wants to do, i don’t know who is she pleasing but if it was the world that wouldn’t work, cuz U are all judging her, i listen to her music like some of them but i move on with it, get real all you ppl out there, if you don’t like her,don’t, if you like her, encourage her, just do whatever pleases you. listen to her song bees in the trap and listen to the chorus, ”a hundred mother*&^^%$# cant tell her nothing” thats part of it

  • QueenyayaDhaBoss24

    Man she was a badd bitch!!! i love the old nicki man i used to be on dha 2 train bumpin 2 her bars and shyt. Now she on some dumb shit. i woulda smash her in the past, now i’ll pass unless its about her paper. sshot out to BROOKLYN ALL day. even tho i fucks with my far rock headz. she need to go back to dha real nicki 4 real though. #money change people though.

  • There’s no video of New Nicki so I can’t judge but she was a cutie.

  • OMg she killed it, why do people change with fam thats when they go down hill she still do her thang but the old nicki was spitting hard

  • j to the p

    nice, nice, nice. this is what hiphop needs. old Nicki!

  • She sounds like such a poser when she talks.


    i am just happy that shes famus because she givs me joy and sow i can meet her XXXXXXXXXXXX LOVE YOU

  • Both =D

  • Hoopla

    It is an act just like a circus show, she is an Entertainer. Grasp the difference between fake and real.

  • Dazjah

    ok this girl was beautfiul and rapped better than she do now… if being a beautiful black normal girl is not enough to get you fame and fortune then you shouldn’t even want to become a rap star.

  • Liberty

    wow lovely

  • Basschick44

    I agree with Cierraclrk… I am fourteen years old as well, and I think Nicki Minaj has just turned into a sex icon (not trying to be crude, but realistic). She should’ve stayed in her old body, with her old music…

  • foevame36

    I can’t stand her sell out a$$

  • defo the i think she was prettier xxx

  • Matthew Quetell

    If nicki fake what does that make kim all nicki got is butt and boobs kim has cheek face lifts botocs and much more kim is a fake fuk but because you dont like nicki you dont see that nicki HAS NEVER DID anything with her face only lightened it… Kim LOOKS LIKE A FUKIN DOLL nicki only has 2 plastic jobs butt and boobs everything else is natural not the hair tho lol but again because u’all dont like nicki y’all ignorant fuks dont c dat

  • The old one looks more real… less barbie more human

  • keeds

    i think shes still the same its just the make up and the clothes but behind it shes the same old Nikki

  • keeds

    so everyone is fake in the music industry does it matter Nikki could be fake all day i would still listen 2 her music so i couldn’t give a fuck.

  • the old her look better

  • She’s great…the new nikki is a character. It’s performance art like Elton John and David Bowie and Adam Ant used to do. She added something new? and different to the rap game. That’s great. BTW she’s bi-racial, East-Indian and Black, maybe she felt that the characters helped her get acceptance from both Black and White audiences. You need BOTH in order to sell platinum. Anyways she was good then and she’s better now,

  • jayda

    okay…ur saying nicki is a coppy&she coppied lil kim&she is a fake bitch,well…if she is copying lil kim then lil kim has to be a fake bitch. Personally i love nicki for who she is,unless ur perfect dont judge her,ur telling her to be her self when she is. The old her obvis could not aford clothes. She looks like a princess now, b4 she looked like a charity shop just threw up on her… im glad she has changed!!

  • Lovelle2000

    i like the old flat ass niki … her raps were on point and dangerous . she has gotten way too commercialized with her music instead of staying with what got her on the map . i guess thats what happens when you support mitt romney your career changes colors . not that color matters but if you understand then you know what im talking about .

  • PhoenixRedd.

    I have always liked “Old Nicki” better. Sadly, I remember all her “Come Up” Vids and her raps are not the same anymore. I was happy when she became mainstream but then she turned into a sell out. I miss the Nicki Minaj that didn’t have the big boobs or big booty…that NICKI MINAJ had my respect and support. I just can’t even listen to her now on TV or the radio because I remember how she used to be and now she’s just …not my idol anymore.

  • Lindab

    Nasty potty mouth then, and no improvement since. Definitely not someone you want your daughter to look up to. Not a good role model. And thats a shame because she could be.

  • nik


  • ganchla

    i would fuck this shit outa her

  • Puma

    She had plastic surgery here also. Wrong photo gossiponthis

  • Nima7

    Ugly then and ugly now. Same difference.

  • Whitney


  • Hmmm…

  • jonny

    new nicki

  • Juvena Favier

    I love both